Belize Featured in Conde Nast Traveler’s Bright Ideas in Travel 2023

by Khaila Gentle

Belize is helping to propel the travel industry forward – and towards a brighter, more sustainable future at that. The editors over at Conde Nast Traveler just published their list of “Bright Ideas in Travel 2023”, recognizing the “players, places, and projects moving the industry into the future.” It highlights innovative travel ideas that run the gamut from Alaska Airlines’ proposed hydrogen-electric propulsion system for zero carbon emissions to Green Safari’s electric safari trucks. Belize has been recognized by Conde Nast for its efforts to combat the degradation of future coral reefs.

Here’s what Conde Nast Traveler had to say about Belize’s innovative initiative:

 Bright Ideas in Travel 2023 | Belize

The idea: In an effort to combat the degradation of future coral reefs, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF) has launched a streamlined program to help reef systems around the world survive.
Why it matters: Coral reefs are at risk of extinction in our lifetime if radical change doesn’t take place.
How it works: The GBRF, UNESCO, and the Belize government launched a landmark alliance dedicated to protecting the Earth’s endangered reefs. In May 2023, they released a strategy to safeguard the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System from the impacts of climate change—the first big outcome of the partnership.

With research in hand from the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program, the GBRF is passing this on through knowledge sharing and effective management systems. The pilot project focuses on four threatened reefs, collaborating with Indigenous communities in Belize to promote reef conservation and sustainable fishing and tourism. Beyond the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the pilot program will work with the Lagoons of New Caledonia, Rock Islands of Palau, and the Ningaloo Coast. The next phase is focused on threatened Pacific reefs.

What a fitting way to celebrate the country’s 42nd year of independence! Read the entire list of Bright Ideas in Travel 2023 by Conde Nast Traveler here.

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