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by Khaila Gentle
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Forbes Magazine can’t get enough of Belize. The publishing and media giant this week featured the country in an article on unexpected but well worth it honeymoon spots.  Highlighting Belize’s offshore offerings, the article recommends Belize as an underrated destination for couples who love adventure. Looking to celebrate your love with a Belize honeymoon? Read below for an excerpt of what Forbes writer Judy Koutsky had to say.


Stroll Moho Caye hand in hand. Image via Roeming Belize

Unexpected (But Well Worth It) Honeymoon Spots

Not every couple is looking for the same thing on their honeymoon. Some people want active adventure, some want big-city fun, and others want one-stop-shopping. Here are three unexpected (but still remarkable) honeymoons.

Active Adventure in Belize

Belize has the longest barrier reef system in the Northern Hemisphere, and over 20% of the country’s marine waters are protected. Water enthusiasts can expect to see a variety of marine life, from queen angel fish, Atlantic spadefish, spotted drum fish, greater soapfish, permit, white-spotted eagle rays, reef sharks and four species of turtles. Belize has one of the most successful and long-lasting coral regeneration sites in the world.

Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef. Image via Matachica Resort

In addition to Belize, the article highlighted relaxing cruises and big city fun as unexpected honeymoon ideas. Read the entire Forbes article here.

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