Visit Honey Camp Lagoon in Belize 

by Reyann Garcia
honey camp lagoon

A scenic drive and an even more picturesque place – can you imagine it? Many people come to Belize for either adventure or relaxation, and sometimes relaxation can cost a pretty penny. Here’s an affordable alternative just take a trip up to Orange Walk and relax at the calm, remote Honey Camp Lagoon.  


Honey Camp Lagoon is tucked away in the northern district of Orange Walk, also known as “Shuga city”. This quiet retreat is well known amongst locals who have experienced the soothing powers of this lagoon, still undiscovered by tourists.  

How to get there 

This destination is located 9 miles from Orange Walk Town, which is approximately a 45-minute drive. Now don’t get too excited because the road leading there is somewhat rough, dusty, and unlevelled due to the sugar cane trucks that pass through here daily. We recommend making sure that the vehicle you’re going in can handle it.   

History of Honey Camp Lagoon 

From 1000 AD to 1500 AD (classic/early post-classic period) the Mayas used this lagoon for both ceremonial and residential purposes. A place that has literally stood the test of time, where you can enjoy and appreciate what the Maya civilization had for themselves. 

What’s there to do? 

There’s not much to do here, as it’s just a place to simply relax. You can swim in the calm lagoon which is said to ease tensions and rejuvenate your mind and body. The lagoon is also bordered by a small community with a nice beach called ‘Playa Coral’ so you can take a walk and relax under the shady coconut trees. There is also a hidden hot spring that can serve as your own personal spa, compliments of Mother Nature! 

honey camp lagoon

Photo Courtesy: Abril viaja en bici

Who can visit? 

Anyone can visit this hidden treasure; once you’re looking for somewhere to reflect, rejuvenate, and just take a deep breath then this is where you want to be. It’s a great place to host a spiritual retreat or a yoga retreat as it helps you to reconnect with your mind and soul, and put you in a peaceful place.  

Header image courtesy Abril viaja en bici at HoneyCamp, Orange Walk.
This article was first shared on February 16, 2020

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