Belize Makes “22 ‘Cheap’ Places to Fly to in 2022” List

by Carolee Chanona

Depending on how this latest pandemic wave plays out, you may want to consider the nearly two dozen places worldwide that travel website Scott’s Cheap Flights recommends in its “22 Cheap Destinations to Visit in 2022” list. That’s because experts over at Scott’s say they’re pretty confident there will be airfare deals to these destinations in the year ahead. Whether it’s thanks to new routes, to new carriers serving them or simply to everyday low fares, these 22 cities, states, regions and nations, according to the site, could get you more bang for your vacation buck in 2022 — at least for your flight.


A sunset skyline at Grand Caribe Resort, Belize.

In general, the cheapest airfares are domestic North American flights, then to Central America and the Caribbean, then Europe and Asia, followed by Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific. Clocking in on a list of 22, the average flight to Belize falls at about US$346 (Belize City) roundtrip. At the end of 2021, Belize saw the addition of inaugural flights from low-fare carrier Frontier Airlines and year-round service from Alaska Airlines.


How flexible is travel right now?

“All major U.S. airlines continue to waive change fees on tickets above basic economy class,” said Willis Orlando, senior product operations specialist at Scott’s Cheap Flights. “So if you’re nervous, you’d be wise to book yourself a ticket with no change fee — so if things begin to look hairy, you can postpone your trip without paying a penalty.”

Start planning your Belize vacation now and maximize your PTO with any of Belize’s 16 non-stop international routes. Find your origin city, match it with your carrier of choice, then pack your carry-on with the Caribbean essentials and go. Here’s a closer look at all the non-stop routes to Belize (BZE) here.

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