Why Belize Meets All of the Top Travel Trends for A 2021 Trip

With time on our hands to dream about future travel, it also gives us time to ponder about what travel will look like for 2021. As we look into the future, the new norm brings about new travel trends. Here are a few predictions to indicate that Belize will be the ideal destination to visit once you’re ready.

Remote Island Escapes 

Photo Courtesy: Ray Caye Island Resort

Beach experiences have been high on many peoples list as the type of holiday travelers would like to enjoy once travel reopens. As travelers look for more remote stays, travelers will trade-in the traditional beach holidays for private island stays, where capacities are limited. All-inclusive private islands in Belize can offer decent distance with all the amenities you’ll need to rest, relax, and rejuvenate while on vacation. Ray Caye, Coral Caye, and Blue Marlin Beach Resort are just a few stunning stays off-the-grid, offering ultimate privacy and solitude for your next Belize vacation.

Social-distancing Adventures

As social distancing becomes a norm, travelers are looking to venture to destinations that allow you to experience remote and authentic experiences – without the crowds. After all, Belize offers just that – along with the other travel trends for 2021. Travelers can stay at far-flung jungle lodges, like Mystic River Resort in Western Belize. As they seek wide open spaces, travelers can enjoy the great outdoors in peace. Whether it be going on a nature hike to a waterfall or exploring the lost ancient cities of the Maya, in Belize you can explore the outdoor world safely and without the crowd. Many of Belize’s nature reserves have crowd limitations, and are off the beaten path, allowing you to escape into (voluntary) self-isolation. Additionally, Belize’s low population density makes it easy to enjoy the experiences offered here without the worry of long tourist lines.

Multi-Generational Escapes

Photo Courtesy: Grand Caribe

With the pandemic halting non-essential travel, many families have been unable to be together. Thereafter, families will be looking to spend quality time with one another when travel opens back up. With a backlog of celebrations that could not be enjoyed from birthdays, special milestones, anniversaries, and other celebrations; a family retreat will be the perfect way to make up for it. Families, not only immediate but extended too, will be looking for a getaway together. Family-friendly resorts such as San Ignacio Hotel Resort and Grand Caribe will be a great fit allowing access to resort amenities and private activities families desire. Whole island rentals or private villa rentals will also be in demand. Not to mention, Vacasa also offers top vacation rentals suitable for families.

Short Travel Time Destinations

Maya flight

With many still not wanting to venture far from home domestic travel will remain popular amongst travelers. Additionally, travelers will be looking to go to places with shorter flying times. Belize, being only a short flight away from many major US cities, make it another great reason to visit. Additionally, Belize is small in size; it is an easy transition of going from one place to the other while in-country. You can be enjoying the beach in the morning and taking in the view of the jungle by the evening; Belize allows travelers to experience the best of both worlds.

All in all, everyone is yearning to find out what the future may hold – especially 2021’s travel trends. Until that day comes, Belize is preparing to safely welcome travelers back.

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