Socially Distanced Spots in Belize To Look Forward To


Belize has always been praised for the abundance of nature thats coupled with flora and fauna. Additionally, having a low population density makes it so easy to enjoy the experiences offered here without worry of overcrowding or long tourist lines. This feature has been long admired and now – during a pandemic – it’s cherished.  Not only will you have way more than six feet apart from others, but you’ll find comfort in knowing you’ll be safe while still making memories that last a lifetime. While you look forward to safely traveling in future,  keep these spots in Belize in mind – perfectly curated for social distancing.

Mountain Pine Ridge


The unmistakable brick-colored road of Mountain Pine Ridge. Photo courtesy Roeming Belize

What better place to social distance than in the middle of the rainforest? The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, located in the Cayo District, covers an impressive 300,000 acres. Some eco lodges have established their luxurious properties among the forest canopies, offering arresting views of the jungle. Here, you can take comfort in the fact that the only ones surrounding you are colorful birds and the broadleaf forest. Mountain Pine Ridge is located about 5 hours from the town of San Ignacio.



‘Lamanai’ is the Maya word for submerged crocodile. Photo courtesy Ayinha Adventures


This underrated Maya site lies in the Northern District near the town of Orange Walk. Often visitors can boast that they have the entire site to themselves making it easy to appreciate the massive temples. The Lamanai boat ride to the site is also a thrilling experience to share with family. The northern district is a lesser visited region, which means there’s no need to worry about congestion in traffic or tours.


Caracol Belize Maya ancient city

Caracol, a large ancient Maya archaeological site. Credit: Alamy

 Another Maya site that also happens to be located inside Mountain Pine Ridge is Caracol. Boasting the tallest man-made structure in the country, the temple of Caana is worth the 2.5-hour drive from San Ignacio alone. Deep in the jungle and bordering Guatemala, this region is made for solitude.

Rio Blanco National Park

Rio Blanco Falls water

Rio Blanco Falls. Photo via IG @tahneealanawilson

Another underrated district is the southern district of Toledo. About five hours away from the international airport, this region holds many nature-based activities that visitors often seek when detoxing from the world. The Rio Blanco National Park is one of them – a protected wildlife area about 105 acres. It is home to a beautiful gushing waterfall and natural pools, perfect for taking a dip or enjoying a picnic.

Laughing Bird Caye

Laughing Bird Caye. Photo courtesy Roeming Belize

A small island that only holds about 30 people max, it’s easy to see why this protected area is the epitome of social distancing. About 1 hour from Placencia via boat, this reserve holds eclectic marine life that makes for stunning snorkeling and diving. Have a BBQ on the tiny caye before wading into the crystal-clear waters to spot some Parrotfish. Plan ahead with a tour operator here.

After all, these are only some of the stunning places in Belize that everyone should add to their travel bucket-list post-pandemic. While the world waits patiently for that day, you can begin planning for 2021 now. Browse websites of Belize resorts, where you can not only virtually tour properties but come up with an itinerary of places you don’t want to miss, whether that’s jungle trekking, indulging in your favorite water sport or just lying about in a hammock without a care in the world. Your 2021 visit to Belize is likely to feel very different now that you have lived through the virus, only to come out grateful, healthy, happy and perhaps wiser.

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