A Belize Return: Quarantine ‘With a View’ at Radisson Ft. George Hotel

by Caribbean Lifestyle Editorial Team
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Under Belize’s current repatriation process, quarantine is mandatory for returning citizens and residents in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19.  While there are various types of quarantine measures put into place, the main option remains to quarantine in a government approved hotel. On return to Belize via Philip Goldson International Airport, one of the hotels to quarantine is the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina in Belize City. Trust me, there are certainly worse places to be confined! While complete self-isolation for up to 14 days generally isn’t ideal, where you chose to stay certainly makes a difference.
From a first-hand account of one of our own at CCL, the Radisson is doing an excellent job of managing this task, worthy of 5-stars. Besides, the view of the rising sun above the glistening Caribbean Sea is not a bad day to start any day.

Transfer from the International Airport (BZE)

Given repatriates at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) no longer being swabbed on arrival to Belize, the entry process itself was swift and efficient. With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sending arrival forms prior to entry, immigrations and customs was a seamless process. Once cleared with entry forms and a temperature of less than 100°F, repatriates are then given the choice to either charter a taxi for transfer to your quarantine hotel on your own (for BZ$50) or shared (BZ$25).

Arriving to the Radisson Ft. George Hotel & Marina in Belize City for Quarantine

Radisson hotel ft. George partition Belize City

Expect protective barriers at Radisson Ft. George Hotel & Marina, like at the front desk.

Upon arrival, every passenger is greeted with a smile and a warm welcome home. Thereafter, there is a full briefing of the rules and expectations for your quarantine period. Their system is very organized, informative and consistent. After all, that makes a big difference with so many unknowns. Everyone was extremely accommodating.
The team at the Radisson have adapted all hands on deck at every level of the property. Onsite, each individual is doing their part to ensure guests are taken care of – a service they are proud to safely offer. Additionally, in a text conversation with Sandra Grisham, she assures “none of her team members have contracted COVID-19”, which is a testament to the level of weekly safety measures and protocols.
“From the start we knew it was the right thing to do; not only for the persons arriving, but for those working here. Teaching them to care with COVID-19. Understanding our role in controlling it and keeping the spread down is very important.”
– Sandra Grisham-Clothier, General Manager of the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina

Many have varying views on how to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Radisson takes the view to educate and learn how to live and function safely throughout the pandemic.  

Belizean Repatriation Continues – but Belize is slated to fully reopen for its International Airport on October 1

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At time of writing, Belize remains closed for international travel with the exception of weekly repatriation for Belizeans. United, in collaboration with the Government of Belize, offers this service from Houston (HOU) to Belize City (BZE) via the Philip Goldson International Airport. Repatriation is expected to continue, via the international airport and Belize’s land borders, until further notice.

Learn more on Belize’s reopening here

How the Radisson Ft. George Hotel goes above Belize’s Gold Standard Cleaning Protocols 

Radisson has consistently offered top-tier flexibility for guests throughout the crisis though since May. However, the brand rolled out its Radisson Safety Protocol in May 2020 – a global commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. And while the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina in Belize City is now recognized as a Gold Standard Hotel as of August 2020, here’s how they’re going above their certification, including their SGS Certification and a block on guest arrivals for 72 hours between room stays.
Travel regulations and requirements are subject to change as new developments in COVID-19 arise. It is important to visit www.travelbelize.org/health-safety before booking travel or visiting Belize.

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