Belize Real Estate You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2023  

by Larry Waight

If you’re a curious sort, you may wonder where the term “real estate” originated. We turned to James LaDue who consulted the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Real estate, it seems describes any property consisting of buildings and land, but the term has exotic roots. Real is derived from the Latin for “existing and true,” while estate originated with the Latin word “statis” and French word “estate.”

First used in London around 1666, ironically the year the London fire destroyed most of the city, the term real estate went international and it’s especially popular in Belize where folks are grabbing up property in record numbers thanks to the nation’s fabulous weather, generous government perks, English-speaking populace, and you couldn’t name a more trusted investment avenue, especially in light of the bitcoin crash that has rocked investor worlds of late.

Belize real estate for wannabe escapee

Despite COVIDs lengthy intrusion, the Belize real estate market remains healthy and has performed admirably for the past decade. You would be hard pressed to find oceanfront real estate prices more enticing and inland communities are also enjoying the benefits of healthy land valuations. Whether your intention is finding a second home where recreational amenities are bountiful, your interest is building a rental home portfolio or you’ve given up on the hectic pace of city life and need a new home, Belize has you covered big time!

Benefits of relocating to Belize rather than a neighboring nation that could ask you to do cartwheels to purchase property, requiring you to learn Spanish, Belize represents everything a serious investor seeks including the ability to buy property as a person, a corporation, or a Belize trust. There is no neighboring nation offering you as much value for your dollar and these two properties offer a taste of what you can own:

3.8 Acre River Front Estate


Looking for a riverfront home that will accommodate a large group of people? You’ve found it. This Exclusive Listing is perched along the bank of the New River where neighbors are more likely to be Belize’s vast wildlife population. Giving you a massive 3,235-square-feet of living space, there are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the sort of open living concept that makes a home interior look even larger.

From the sprawling lawn to elegant, palm-lined entrance, this solid abode features a wall crafted of concrete and stone to ensure privacy that runs along the property’s western and southern boundaries and while it’s discreetly tucked into Trial Farm Village, one of the more exclusive communities in the Orange Walk District, residents are close enough to the Northern Highway to access stores, churches, markets, schools, and medical facilities. This 3.8-acre estate comes with a price tag that could make you look twice at just US $487,500.

Turnkey Beachfront Modern Hotel

Do your aspirations extend beyond adding a second home to your assets? Maybe it’s time to make the fantasy you’ve dreamed about come true: Ownership of a beachfront hotel where you can redefine the meaning of hospitality using your creativity and flair! This Caye Caulker property has it all. Located on an island around 45 minutes off the Belize City coast, the Bay Towers Hotel sprawls across 0.61acres of beachfront and consists of a main hotel building, guest house manager’s office and caretaker’s quarters.

Every unit is fully furnished and appointed, and for guests seeking inspiration each evening, west-facing balconies deliver on more than just a spectacular sunset! There’s a private dock, volleyball court, outdoor swimming pool, a rooftop terrace and there’s plenty of room to expand. No matter which direction the new buyer chooses to take, the future is unlimited. There’s room to add a restaurant, spa, shops or auxiliary feature guaranteed to drive business on this island where crowds are replaced by tranquility.

The missing link? A Belize realtor who knows the ropes!

virtual vista real estate

A new normal: Vista Real Estate introduces their virtual showings.

The examples described above show the scope and versatility of Vista Real Estate, the premier resource for Belize property purchases. In addition to helping you find exactly the investment you seek, Vista agents go above and beyond, offering one-stop-shopping that includes property valuation, research, marketing and consultation, investment analysis, retirement planning and property management services.

Based in Belize City, Vista professionals cover the entire nation so all you need do is pick the area that interests you most and you’ll be offered a dizzying array of choices that cover land, residential, commercial, office, and industrial properties.

Having determined that fabulous year-round weather, recreational opportunities, low property taxes, the prospect of closing in around 90 days, zero capital gains taxes, a British-based legal system that awards you full ownership of your property, and some of the most buyer-favorable laws in the Western Hemisphere are just a few of the perks you’ll receive, turning to Vista Real Estate as your trusted resource offers endless benefits. Use this link to get the ball rolling:. You’ll be delighted that you acted now! 

All Images Courtesy Vista Real Estate

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