Belize still remains COVID-19 Free

by McNab Editorial Team

It’s nothing short of a miracle that Belize has been blessed with the opportunity to prepare for COVID-19 in ways that many others have not.  As of March 19th, 2020 there is still no confirmed cases in the country of Belize according to Belize’s Ministry of Health.

All other countries within Central America have confirmed cases yet Belize remains healthy and safe at this time.  With this extra time comes the opportunity to continue to learn from other countries who are already battling the novel coronavirus. Belize has also acquired new test kits (and more on the way) and the added time is helping government officials make better decisions and plans for Belize.

Below are the latest travel updates

The Government of Belize activated by the Ministry of Health, is actively screening all visitors through ports of entry that remain open.  On Monday, March 16th, 2020 the announcement of some of Belize’s borders were closed and travel is limited only to the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) and Belize’s Northern Border with Mexico.

Restricted Countries

Residents or visitors who were in the following countries within the last 30 days will be denied entry or placed in quarantine.

  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
EDITOR'S NOTE: An updated timeline, along with confirmed COVID-19 changes, can be found by clicking here.

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