Int’l Flight Updates for Belize Travelers 

by McNab Editorial Team

Countries around the world are adopting measures to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus, including shutting down airports, imposing travel restrictions and sealing their borders. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) assures its partners and tourism stakeholders that they remain vigilant in monitoring the situation in order to provide the most up-to-date information available. As today, Thursday, March 19th, 2020, Belize’s Ministry of Health (MOH) indicated that there are NO confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Belize.

Ports of Entry

The Philip Goldson International Airport and the Santa Elena Border (Northern Border with Mexico) remain open. Belize’s Western Border with Guatemala will be closed for 15 days effective immediately, as are all other small ports of entry. The border closure does not apply to our seaports; these remain open for cargo traffic.

In the wake of COVID-19, many of the major airlines have canceled their international service to Belize during these unprecedented times. 

As of March 19th, 2020 – please see list below: 

United Airlines

Effective April 1st, 2020, United has announced that there will only be one daily afternoon flight from Houston.


Effective immediately, Avianca has suspended its operations to Belize in the direction of the Salvadoran government for fifteen (15) days in the first instance.


Effective, Sunday, March 22nd, 2020 at 11:59 pm, WestJet will be suspending flights to the US, Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America including Belize, for a period of 30 days in the first instance.

Air Canada

Will be temporarily suspending service from Toronto to Belize City from March 31st – April 30th, 2020.

Copa Air

Has suspended its operations to Belize.

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Air

Scheduled to cancel flights as of Thursday, March 27th, 2020.

Tag Airlines

Is not flying to Belize, they are just offering local flights in Guatemala.

Travelers with vacations scheduled during these times are asked to contact hotels and resorts to rebook their holidays. You can find the contact information of many of Belize’s Hotels in our Directory


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