How the Wyndham Grand Belize is Your Ticket to Paradise

by McNab Editorial Team
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Belize, offering coastal breezes and crystal blue waters, is a paradise. And on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, Wyndham Grand Brand invites you to call this paradise home. You have the chance to acquire a private property villa overlooking the Belize Barrier Reef. Your ticket? Wyndham Grand Belize offers one- to three-bedroom condominiums to call your own.

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A Key Benefit to your Investment

Belize – A Low Income Tax Country

Belize, is quickly emerging as a significant player in real estate due to having  low income tax, low priority tax and NO capital tax.

CEO Magazine acknowledges Belize as  a great place to invest being one of the world’s lowest income tax countries.

“ At roughly two-thirds the cost of living of the aforementioned B-locales, Belize is one of the cheaper Caribbean resorts to be considered a tax haven. For starters, the taxes are low. Income tax is capped at 25% for individuals and companies with the first US$10,000 exempt. There are also no capital gains taxes and property taxes are assessed at 1-1.5% of the land. Dividends from a Belize International Business Corporation – that is any offshore corporation that doesn’t include income from the US – are exempt from tax. There’s also zero tax on inheritance.”

In Belize, tax percentages range between 1% and 12.5% of the assessed value. However, that is depends on the type of property.  Wyndahm Grand Resort’s managing partner Randy Vanberg  highlights costs for its Three Bedroom Unit

“For example, on a three-bedroom unit, we’re estimating taxes at around $100 a month—so $1,200 a year on a $1.5 million property,” he says.

Other owners benefits for investing at Wyndham Grand include stable rental revenues, long-term capital appreciation, appealing tax incentives and the worldwide marketing muscle of 77 million Wyndham Rewards Members.

Read the full article from CEO Magazine here.

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