Belmopan’s Newest Hotspot on the Dining Scene: Cocogardens

by Madeleine Guerra
cocogardens belmopan argentina belize food restaurant

Tucked away in the quiet City of Belmopan under cool coconut trees lies Cocogardens. Meet Belmopan’s newest addition to the dining scene. It’s always exciting when a new restaurant arrives, but it’s even better when it comes with a totally new concept and a delicacy of menu items unlike anything we’ve seen.  

About Cocogardens

Cocogardens is a family owned restaurant located right in the family’s backyard. And having been in the restaurant industry in Argentina for over 20 years, they know what they’re doing. Back in 2019, the family decided it was time for a change. So they packed their bags, traveled to Belize and settled into the country’s capital, where they say they saw opportunity.

While unpacking their bags and settling into their new neighborhood, the family focused on that which they know best: restauranteuring. The family says that it was a no-brainer for them to decide that their next restaurant venture would be right in their backyard; not only could they play an active role in the management of the restaurant, but they’d be actively involved in the lives of their young children.  

Authentic Argentinian Cuisine in the Capital

Cocogardens’ signature Argentinian Asado.

When dining at Cocogardens, you can feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s inspired by the family. Here, the business motto is “consistency with service and quality,” which is truly the overarching theme. Upon your visit, you’ll most likely be greeted and served by the owner, who is truly a delight. And for the food, well, that’s an experience in itself. The star plate at Cocogardens is the Argentinian Asado, served on weekends. Preparations for the asado starts at sunrise and cooks on an open fire for at least 6 hours. The result is nothing less of a mouthwatering, tender cut of local meat that is a total treat. Other must-haves include the empanadas and the choripan, both popular Argentinian street foods.  

Cocktails at Cocogardens 

If you’re browsing the cocktail menu, there’s no denying the plethora of options that line the menu from back to front. Cocogardens says that their rise to fame in Argentina all started with their signature drinks of ice cream cocktails. The Chocomint and Cocogardens cocktails will have you in complete bliss with its deliciously tasty blend of ingredients. Besides, nothing’s better than dessert with a spike!  

You can visit Cocogardens at 5051 Victoria Peak St., Belmopan. Place your order or make a reservation via WhatsApp at 626-5120, or get in touch on Facebook! All photos courtesy of Cocogardens

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