Best Spots in Belize for Stargazing

by Gisselle Hernandez

The night sky has always captured the hearts of many since literally the dawn of time. Appreciating the constellations on a clear night always makes a great midnight escapade a little more magical. And according to image sharing and social media site Pinterest, Gen Z-ers are looking to elevate their night moves even more in 2022. The Internet’s go-to resource for all things DIY, fashion, and more, Pinterest released its Predictions Reports for this year. One of the top trending searches was “night sky aesthetic,” and the site predicts adventures and nature excursions in 2022 will happen after-hours. What better time than to dive into stargazing? The cosmic hobby revolves around low light pollution, great company, and a passion for the stars. Belize, lacking industrialized metropolises and possessing a plethora of nature reserves, makes it the ideal candidate for stargazing in 2022. 

Mountain Pine Ridge.

Perhaps the most obvious on the list is the Mountain Pine Ridge region, where broadleaf forests and pine trees dominate the land. 

Out here, stargazing is inevitable as the Milky Way flaunts its form above. Load up on bug spray and bring along your closest friends to a clearing and enjoy nature’s twinkling lanterns above. Or, if you’re staying at Hidden Valley Inn, all you need to do is step outside your room and lift your chin to the sky. 


Hopkins Hamanasi beach belize

Photo courtesy of Hamanasi guest Shaun Hunter

Heading further south on Belize’s coast is the small fishing village of Hopkins. In the daytime, there’s already much to admire from the Garifuna cultural capital. The sandy beaches seem to stretch on forever, and the colorful houses make cute photo backdrops. 

But at night, the true magic comes out to play. One of the best ways to experience stargazing is going on a nighttime boating tour with Hamanasi Resort. Not only will you come across a blanket of stars unlike anywhere you’ve ever seen. But the stunning glow will also be reflected in the bioluminescent organisms drifting below your boat. Bracketed by the otherworldly glimmer from both ends will surely be a transformative experience. 

Ray Caye. 

The kidney-shaped paradise sitting on Belize’s waters was molded to enjoy stargazing. As a private island, Ray Caye holds no light pollution or bustling traffic by nature. Its sustainable way of operating already lends itself to otherwordly initiatives that when it comes to admiring the night sky, the feat is easy. When out on a night stroll, sit out on the west dock and stargaze for hours as the Caribbean breeze caresses your skin.

Orange Walk.


Atop Lamanai Maya Site. Photo courtesy BTB

Venture north to Orange Walk Town for some of the clearest night skies in the country. If you want an even closer connection to stargazing, visit Lamanai during the daytime to learn more about the way the ancient Maya used stars. They were known to lead their lives according to the constellations, and the Maya site is only about an hour away via boat from the town. For an easy transition from daytime exploration to nighttime gazing, stay at Lamanai Landings. The hotel’s convenient location and riverside restaurant add to the astral experience.

Header image of the Honeymoon Suite on Ray Caye by Duarte Dellarole.

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