The Biltmore: Belize City’s Best Western Property Bears a Proud Legacy  

by Larry Waight
biltmore-plaza-belize city

There’s plenty to be said about travelers who stick with the same brand no matter where in the world they may travel. It’s comforting to receive signature service, a guarantee of the standards that make one brand stand out from every other one, and for folks who have become so enamored of the Best Western empire, staying anywhere else just won’t do. Belize City’s most impressive hotel not only delights but exceeds expectations.

Why is a stay at a Best Western property so compelling?

This company is nothing if not a historic marvel, established before you may have been born in 1946 when pioneering hotelier M. K. Guertin decided to take advantage of his 23 years of experience in hospitality to establish the idea of having multiple properties operating under the same business plan and operational template.

His ideas were so innovative, he became quite the pioneer, gaining the respect of his peers. Guertin was profiled in the industry’s American Motel Magazine and lauded for his innovation, inspiration, and marketing ideas–all very revolutionary approaches within the fledgling lodging industry at the time.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Guertin became a profile in entrepreneurial ship by shepherding a logo that remains today a beacon of light for frequent guests, and he is credited with having invented the first networked hospitality reservations service in the U.S. Innovation is just one of the reasons Best Western properties were proclaimed the largest motel chain in the U.S. in 1963, with 35,201 rooms under its corporate umbrella.

Over time, the brand flourished, achieving global reach that included Central American nations. These days, the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza is the preferred venue for worldwide travelers who wouldn’t stay elsewhere in Belize because they know that they can count on excellence.

Why a Best Western stay in the heart of Belize never disappoints

Having examined this company’s pedigree, why wouldn’t you prefer a Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza stay over competitors? This brand offers quintessential quality, consistency, and the unexpected extras only a world-class lodging can deliver. When that lodging is built in a nation offering guests access to the Caribbean Sea, a wealth of cultural splendors and it’s home to people who not only speak English but love to spoil visitors, what more could you ask for?

Marketing studies have shown the power of familiar brands–especially when North Americans travel overseas. Familiar brands can elevate a good experience to an excellent one. Tourists perk up the moment they spot McDonald’s signature logo on an eatery, knowing that whatever they order, they’ll enjoy a familiar experience.

The Best Western brand is no exception, so when you are seeking accommodations during a Belize City stay that is focused on business or pleasure, it just makes sense to choose this grand hotel over other options because everything you seek from a familiar brand under one roof awaits your arrival.

Services you can count on

  • Proximity—around 10 minutes—to both the municipal and international airports.
  • Every onsite amenity you expect from a world-class hotel (including a fitness center).
  • An amazing array of tour opportunities easily booked by the hotel’s concierge.
  • Fine dining with an emphasis on ethnic specialties representing Belize’s burgeoning culinary scene.
  • Conveniences you insist upon: 24-hour front desk, Wi-fi, safety deposit box and express check-out assurances.
  • Complimentary in-room coffee and tea and superior room services.
  • There’s much more, but as you can see, guests want for nothing during their stay.

Outdoor dining at the Belize Biltmore Plaza.

Whether you’re coming to Belize City for business, pleasure or you look forward to both, staying within an oasis of familiarity that offers lush landscaping, myriad entertainments both within the complex and outside, and access to all of the delights for which Belize has become well-known are all at your fingertips.

When you choose The Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza as your home-away-from-home, the only experience that will delight you more than knowing the history of this brand is the personalized service you’ll enjoy throughout your stay. Isn’t this exactly what you have come to love about staying at Best Western properties across the globe?

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