Put Gaia Riverlodge Resort atop Your 2023 Travel Bucket List  

by Larry Waight

Did you know that overseas travel is expected to set new records in 2023? It’s not just a readjustment to post-COVID living but the ultimate result of what felt like an endless sequestration that not only made us long to get out of the house but out of our comfort zones as well.

Overseas travel offers endless benefits for people of all ages that will be especially appreciated in 2023. Plan a trip abroad and you reap the following perks:

  • The realization of a personal travel goal
  • Personal growth borne of exposure to new cultures
  • Opportunities to confront fears and discomfort
  • A nuanced world view that changes the way you think
  • Opportunities to meet fascinating new people
  • Extensive mind expansion as your brain wanders unfettered
  • A legacy of memories, photos, tastes, fragrances, and sounds
  • Experiences that not only inspire but motivate.

Paradise is closer than you imagine

The winding road into Mountain Pine Ridge is lined with adventure. Image via Gaia Riverlodge

Must you set sail for islands in the South Pacific or endure flights to Europe to experience everything on the list you just perused? Not when “overseas” is as close as a short flight from North America to a small, fascinating nation tucked into shoreline of Central America: Belize.

A frequently listed destination on the bucket lists of curious travelers, Belize is gorgeous, uncrowded, and fascinating. Home to warm, welcoming people, Belize is small (just 8,867 square miles) and affordable, yet endless natural wonders abound. Add to that list the fact that this is an English-speaking nation with a rich history, and you would be hard-pressed to name a neighboring nation that holds a candle to Belize.

Give yourself the gift of an authentic Belize sojourn

gaia table restaurant belize mountainNot every traveler exploring Belize is intent upon mining the nation’s shoreline where every water sport under the sun is celebrated and enjoyed thanks to the coast’s proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef. There’s another world awaiting travelers that is so unique and authentic, GAÏA Riverlodge offers the seemingly impossible: A luxurious haven tucked into a lush pine forest preserve that is the very essence of a sustainably run property. Guests slumber to the sound of Five-Sisters Waterfalls that flow beneath the resort’s terrain.

As you can imagine, being sequestered within the warm embrace of Mother Nature’s magnificent Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, you could find it hard to believe that this much majesty is located just an hour’s ride from San Ignacio, a hub that is as much fun to explore as are the wondrous GAÏA Riverlodge environs. This remote paradise will remind you of what Eden likely looked and felt like and as an extra measure of authenticity, this is a self-sustaining operation that earned GAÏA Riverlodge a coveted Green Globe Award certification.

What will you do once you’ve arrived at this sanctuary?

The answer is: Everything you desire! Relax. Explore. Discover. Think. You’ll be offered a choice of 9 packages, one of which is sure to be exactly the experience you seek.  Because you don’t have to worry about dining, activities, transport to and from the property or the endless small details that eat up precious time in paradise, you’ll focus on the perks that come with each reservation:

  • Roam the resort’s nature trail
  • Borrow a mountain bike from the property’s inventory
  • Ride the hydro-powered mini-tram to the waterfall
  • Avail yourself of nature and birding walks
  • Attend nighttime bonfires for storytelling and marshmallow roasting fun
  • Discover natural swimming ponds amid mountain greenery
  • Add a curated tour to your itinerary if time allows
  • Dine amid an enclave of trees and plants at the al fresco restaurant
  • Do absolutely nothing but listen to the sweet sounds of life surrounding you!

Is it too early to book your 2023 sojourn?

The answer is obvious. When a resort this small and intimate comes along, your best instincts tell you that accommodations fill fast, so if you’ve got a special occasion on the horizon that deserves to be celebrated with an overseas trip in 2023, you’ll want to get your first choice of dates immediately. Need more inspiration? Take a virtual tour of the resort’s photo gallery and you won’t hesitate..

If you learned anything about the precious nature of life and the wisdom of acting on dreams and hopes during the pandemic, you know that grabbing opportunities like this one don’t come along every day, so what are you waiting for? Check availability right now HERE. You could discover a last-minute offer that pops up as soon as you enter the website, and wouldn’t that that be a delightful surprise as you escape the ordinary for the extraordinary? 

All Images Courtesy: Gaia ( if not stated otherwise )

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