Treat Yourself to a Blue Health Vacation With This Sister Resort Package

by Larry Waight

If “water therapy” has yet to make it on your personal experience list, you may not know how beneficial it can be, especially in today’s tumultuous environment where the daily news can unnerve even the calmest among us. Water therapy has become such an important research topic, it’s earned its own name: Blue Health. 

Writer Markham Heid chose to dive into the topic of blue health on Medium. There, he shared that being on, in, and near water offers endless benefits.

Not only does it slow your heart rate and soothe even the most troubled soul, but water can also trigger creativity and heighten one’s ability to be inspired. Whether via crashing waves, babbling brooks, or falling rains, be sure to treat yourself to a blue health vacation this year. 

A Rejuvenative Water Therapy Experience in Belize


The ability to get to Belize from southern U.S. ports in just a couple of hours is reason enough to check out this welcoming nation where languid beaches, lush islands, and a wealth of water-related attractions deliver the most relaxing vacations ever. Lean into a blue health vacation by booking a respite at Gaia Riverlodge. This intimate resort gets five stars from Mother Nature and five stars from Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth, herself. 


While visitors are tucked into their Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve enclave, they are treated to the perpetual, soothing sounds of the Five Sisters Waterfalls, atop which the lodge is perched. There’s no extra charge for the relaxation provided by the sound of the waterfall cascading down the mountain. But if you wish to sink even further into a state of relaxation and bliss, then look to Gaia’s Waves and Waterfalls Package, which comes complete with a sister resort stay. 

Lean into Blue Health With a Waves & Waterfalls Vacation

Listen to the waves crashing against the shore. Image courtesy of Matachica

Spend two days immersed in Belize’s forests at Gaia. Then, prepare yourself for a three-day sojourn on the Caribbean coast at Gaia’s sister property. At Matachica Resort & Spa, waves washing up on shore will provide the soundtrack for the second half of your adventure. With the sea at your doorstep, aquatic adventures are endless. Enjoy a snorkel excursion to Mexico Rocks. Or, spend the day leisurely paddle boarding or kayaking across the sea. 


No need to worry about juggling logistics if you say yes to this five-day blue health vacation package. Both resorts have you covered thanks to a bounty of package extras, including transportation. From the very moment you’re picked up at Belize’s International Airport, the personal attention you’ll enjoy at both of these idyllic resorts will spoil you for all future vacations!

Photos courtesy of Gaia & Matachica unless captioned otherwise. 

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