Bus Transportation in Belize

by McNab Editorial Team
bus transportation

A Money Saver: 

For travelers on a budget, using buses is the most economical way to move around.  Prices are extremely low and vary according to distance traveled.  The range is from $3.00 to $20. US within the country.  Being on a bus will afford you the opportunity to glimpse the diversity of both terrain and culture so intrinsic to Belize. It’s amazing to see the changes along the way.  Americans will recognize the buses used in Belize as hand-me-down school buses and re-purposed Greyhound buses. 


Larger cities and towns in Belize have quite regular runs.  Small towns usually offer only once-daily trips. You must be aware, however, that buses will stop to drop off and pick up passengers at most any location.  Throughout the year, bus schedules and “stations” will vary slightly.  Visitors will find that Taxi drivers, and actually, just about anyone will be able to give logistical details. 

Conditions of Travel: 

The buses are not usually air-conditioned, but the open windows afford some cooling breeze.  Buses operate with one driver and a conductor who collects fares.  (you don’t need to purchase a ticket ahead of time.)  The Express buses don’t make intermittent stops and usually have air conditioning.  One detail to consider is that all buses going South and West stop in Belmopan, the capital, and strategic central point.  Please be aware that these buses are not well-equipped to handle lots of luggage but they will try to accommodate you if you do have a lot.  


Arrivals and departures take place at the Belize City Bus Terminal, known locally as Novelo’s.  It is 0.4 miles west of the Swing Bridge, located on West Collett Canal Street. 

In Belmopan, the Bus Terminal is in the center of town, on Bliss Parade next to the Immigration Department, Police and the National Assembly. From here, you can go south to Dangriga, Placencia, and Punta Gorda in the Toledo District. National Transportation Services Limited is the premier National transportation carrier serving all major districts of Belize. Two other lines are James and BBDC.   The northern district of Corozal is the crossover point for travel to Quintana Roo and Yucatan.  In the border town of Chetumal, on the Mexican side, there is bus service available to all of Mexico. 

Maya Buses from Punta Gorda: 

If you would like to visit a typical Maya village, buses leave Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District at the Jose Maria Nunez Street near the Central Park.  Always ask the driver for return trip days.  Or you may visit the friendly Tourism Office in P.G. and they will be happy to share information.  For many Maya people, this is their only mode of transport out of their village that takes them to market or to connect to a Belmopan or Belize City bus.   

bus transportation

Of course, as in the North, here you will be able to connect with the Linea Dorada to the Peten Region of Guatemala and points beyond. 

So, give it a go. Imagine all you can do and see without spending too much. 

Written by Nelita Castillo

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