Condé Nast lists Belize’s Blue Hole in “Most Colorful Places in the World”

by Carolee Chanona

How often do you think about color on a daily basis? Do you pay attention to it at work? On your commute? In your kid’s room? It can be easy to overlook, but according to science, we may be more attentive to color when we visit somewhere new. It gives us a sharper eye on safari, or leaves us feeling calmer by those Belizean blues. All the more reason to travel, we say. As Condé Nast Traveler highlights some of the most colorful places in the world, all guaranteed to brighten up your day, here’s what makes Belize’s Great Blue Hole so special.

Located about 60 miles off the coast of Belize, the Lighthouse Reef Atoll has beautiful coral and shallow turquoise waters—and a vertical drop that’s more than 400 feet deep. Meet the Great Blue Hole, a 1,000-foot-wide, perfectly circular sinkhole in the middle of the atoll. Ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau helped make the spot famous in 1971, when he declared itone of the best diving sites on the planet.

Great Blue Hole underwater

Photo by Antonio Busiello/WWF

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