Muy’Ono’s Copal Tree Lodge: A Destination for the Epicurean 

by Khaila Gentle

What do a luxury eco-lodge, an organic farm, and a farm-to-flask rum distillery all have in common? Well, for starters, they’re all likely to entice any intrepid traveler who considers themselves an epicurean. Even better though, they can all be found in one captivating location: in the heart of the lush rainforests of southern Belize—a country that’s as big on culinary experiences as it is on conservation. 

Along with Guyana and Haiti as the only Caribbean countries that produce more than half of their food, Belize rings in at 60 percent.

A part of the Muy’Ono brand’s eclectic collection of resorts, Copal Tree Lodge offers everything from chocolatier lessons to snorkeling with chefs. This hidden gem of a destination beckons to anyone seeking a truly immersive and indulgent experience. Without a doubt, it’s an epicurean’s paradise. 

Unique Culinary Experiences Await 

Photo by Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle

Flanked by 16,000 acres of rainforest preserve, Copal Tree Lodge is abundance embodied—a reflection of Belize’s “homegrown” by nature approach to food. After all, the district in which it sits is home to myriad cacao farms and even a spice farm. The lodge adds to that agricultural landscape with its own 3,000-acre sustainable farm, where sugar cane, coffee, and cacao are grown along with much of what’s served at the Lodge’s restaurant. Meanwhile, the Caribbean Sea—and plenty of fishing opportunities— lies just a 30-minute boat ride away. 

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that the resort is home to plenty of unique culinary experiences. Get hands-on in learning about the production of coffee and chocolate or opt for a tortilla-making class instead.  Visit the farm and explore where tropical fruits like lime, coconut, and pitaya are grown.

Plus, get to explore the meaning of farm-to-flask with the onsite distillery – home to Copalli Rum – and combine an interactive rum tour with a spirited cocktail mixology class.  And, for seafood lovers, Copal Tree Lodge also offers a Snorkel With the Chef experience that combines offshore adventure with island indulgence. 

Luxury Accommodations 

Beyond the epicurean experiences, the lodge itself sits perched above Belize’s Rio Grande. With only 16 private suites and one three-bedroom villa, Copal Tree Lodge promises a stay that is as intimate as it is luxurious. Each accommodation seamlessly blends the beauty of Belize’s natural landscape with comfort and modernity.

In the King and Queen Jungle suites, private walk-in showers offer floor-to-ceiling jungle views. Meanwhile, the signature canopy suites provide peak opulence: boasting an infinity pool that sits above the treetops and some of the best views the resort has to offer. After a day of adventure, they make unwinding and resetting for the days ahead that much easier. 

The Best Way to Explore This Destination for the Epicurean

For those craving the full epicurean experience, Copal Tree Lodge’s Culinary Adventure is the way to go. All-inclusive, the package allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the agritourism offerings of the lodge. For four nights, enjoy indulging, imbibing, and immersing yourself in all things food and farm-to-table. In addition to covering accommodation and a total of six adventures for two, it also includes the Farm-to-table package: three meals a day; local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; roundtrip road transfer from the Punta Gorda airstrip; and exclusive use of gym, kayaks, mountain bikes, and hiking trails.

Your dream epicurean destination awaits. Book a Culinary Adventure with Copal Tree Lodge here

 All photos courtesy of Copal Tree Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort

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