Making Your Dreams of Owning Real Estate in Belize a Reality With Sandy Point Realty

by Larry Waight

If you’ve always thought that a house in the tropics was out of your reach, you might be surprised to discover the opportunities that Belize has to offer. This Central American nation is positioned on the Caribbean Sea — and while over 400 islands and the world’s second-largest barrier reef fall within national borders, the interior of Belize is a wonderland for adventurers and those who love the great outdoors. Add in the fact that Belize is seeing a serious uptick in both vacationers and retirees from the north, and you’re left with a diverse market that has a lot of growth potential.

And it’s far from the point of saturation. In fact, practically all the winds are in your favor when investing in Belize’s real estate market. The government is eager to bring in new residents, and they’re willing to offer generous custom exemptions and tax breaks to residents and investors from abroad. Belize is widely recognized as a tax shelter, and they differ from most nations in that foreigners can own the property outright rather than simply possessing a long-term lease. Both experience investors and prospective migrants can also feel comfortable with the process of the exchange. English is the national language in Belize, and real estate law is based on the British standard. Transactions tend to be clean and easy to process, and there’s generally a good degree of flexibility in terms of pursuing domestic or international financing.

Sandy Point Realty — The Perfect Partner For Any Investor

Best of all, real estate in Belize is affordable but filled with growth potential — at least as long as you know where to look. And where you should turn your attention is towards Sandy Point Realty. The professionals agree. The agency ranked second on the ‘Nine International Areas Real Estate Investors Should Give A Look’ list from Forbes Magazine, and they can provide you with the focused expertise you need whether you’re an aggressive investor looking for a piece of the resort industry or simply someone looking for a small island retreat they can call home.

secret beach belize blue bayou ambergris caye san pedro

Sunset on secret beach. Image courtesy Blue Bayou Belize

A lot of that has to do with the scope of properties that Sandy Point represents. San Pedro — located on the popular tourist island of Ambergris Caye — is always a hot commodity, and Sandy Point offers condos in some of the biggest resorts in San Pedro. From Coco Beach to Belizean Shores to the Wyndham Grand Resort, Sandy Point can offer in-for-proven resorts that represent peak appeal for tourists.

If you prefer your solitude — or you’re looking for a different approach to investment — there are plenty of standalone properties with great beach appeal as well.

Of course, residential real estate isn’t the only game in town. The Belize real estate industry is still developing, and that means that there’s plenty of potential for people who are willing to invest in something more long-term. As the need for tourism infrastructure grows, so does the potential for commercial real estate properties — and buying undeveloped land now can be a quick and easy investment that will pay dividends once the infrastructure has developed outward to your land. While the beachfront property is in understandably high demand in Belize, there’s a lot more to the country than just the Caribbean Sea.

Real Estate Agents You Can Rely On

DL building and pool

The Belize real estate market has a lot of potentials, but you can’t just pick a property at random and hope that you find what you’re looking for. Fortunately, Sandy Point Realty can draw from a diverse network of agents who represent the full geographic expanse of Belize. Regardless of your budget or your specific demands, there’s likely someone on the ground who can provide you with the local and nuanced insight that you need to invest wisely.


Image via Meritt Thomas/Unsplash

You won’t even need to worry about the practicalities of traveling. In addition to being a full-service real estate agency, Sandy Point also has a full concierge service. If you want a first-hand look at the country you’ll be investing in, they can roll out the red carpet for you and help you get your eyes on the prospective properties in person. This complimentary service can assist with everything from setting up travel arrangements to getting to know the local culture and lifestyle. Even if you aren’t retiring here yourself, experiencing Belize firsthand is the best way to see what you’re getting into


Belize is a lot more diverse than the travel brochures might have you believe, and Sandy Point Realty wants to help you realize that. Get in touch today to learn more about their services and develop a plan of action for your own investment portfolio.

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