4 Easy Ideas For Belizean-Made Holiday Gifts

by Gisselle Hernandez

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and with it, the scramble to buy our loved ones’ gifts. This matter is not to be taken lightly, as a thoughtful and perfectly picked gift could very well be a shining highlight of their holiday season. Right behind spending valuable time with family, of course. If you have a wanderluster in your midst who just so happens to be missing Belize (or planning to visit in 2022), here are fool-proof Belizean holiday gifts that’ll remind them of the tropical destination. 

For the coffee-lover

Pop & Sip's holiday Brew Box

Pre-order Pop & Sip’s holiday Brew Box. Image courtesy Pop & Sip/Monica Gallardo Photography

Pop & Sip. This woman-founded woman-led Belizean cold brew company is behind the go-to morning coffee for many nine-to-fivers in Belize. The brand is fairly new but has already garnered a cult following in the past couple of years. From rich, strong flavors like their Mocha Maya and Chai Spice to seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha, Pop & Sip simply does not miss. They usually release their holiday drinks near Christmastime, so keep an eye out so you can snag a 1L bottle of the Spiked Peppermint for that coffee lover in your life. 

For the Belikin Fan


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Belikin Yeti Cup. Often regarded as the “beer of Belize,” the Belikin brand is one that has become familiar beyond Belize’s borders. Their signature dark-tinted bottles with white and green labels have become easily identifiable both online and when dining out. At the beverage company’s newest restaurant Di Bruwry, you can now get all sorts of merch to level you up from “fan” to “stan” status. Tees, sweaters, dad hats, trinkets, and more are emblazoned with the Belikin logo.  One of these coveted merchandise is the cult favorite YETI cup, laser engraved with the logo. The large 30 oz cup makes a great Belizean holiday gift; the recipient will be able to enjoy their classic rum popo with ice at any Christmas party. 

For the fashionable

The budding Zyania Alonzo designs both handbags and knitwear pieces. Image courtesy Zyania Alonzo.

Zyania Alonzo Handbag. The young, talented Zyania Alonzo has been a trailblazer in Belize’s budding fashion industry, and it’s easy to see why. The Belizean fashion designer only just launched her handbag line this year where it quickly sold out before being restocked. Her meticulously crocheted creations and knitwear are intricately complemented by the wooden hardware sporting her signature. Any “it” girl can be found having one of her Hicaco beige handbags in their closet. Support a local business and purchase the hand-made statement piece for the fashionista friend that’s always lending you outfits. 

For the chic treehugger 

The EcoBag can be your go-to tote. Image courtesy Belize EcoBag

A Belize EcoBag. For those wanting a bag representative of their values and ideals, look no further than the sustainable brand that is Belize Eco Bag. All merchandise is proudly locally sourced, designed, and sewn. The environmentally-conscious global citizen will be happy to know the convenient (and chic) handbag on their shoulder came from the hands of passionate Belizeans; after all, it is made for ethical consumers. Each bag can be customizable to an extent, too. Don’t be afraid to get that conscious traveler in your close-knit circle a Belize souvenir they’ll gladly carry on every grocery store run. 

Header image via Pop & Sip/Monica Gallardo Photography

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