What You’re Probably Missing Most from Belize

by Larry Waight
underwater stingray ranguana caye

Whether you’ve lived your whole life in Belize or simply visited for a vacation, there will be things you’ll miss about this tropical paradise full of warm smiles, golden sunshine and stunning natural beauty. In no particular order, here are a few things people are looking forward to the most while travel to Belize remains on hold.

The Friendly and Warm People

friendly Belizean smiles

Regardless of where you go in Belize, you are sure to encounter a smile. Belizeans are known for welcoming visitors as though they were friends. Not to mention, it helps that most people speak English.

Belizean Food


A popular favorite across the country, especially for breakfast, is street tacos

Thanks to the temperate climate, you can get wonderful fresh produce year-round. You can enjoy guava, soursop, mangoes and other exotic fruits as well as freshly caught fish. Then there are delicious conch or lobster fritters, available seasonally, which make a perfect snack! You’ll miss those, as well as having fry jacks for breakfast, served with refried beans, eggs, cheese and avocado, and stewed chicken for dinner, served with rice and beans cooked in coconut milk.

The Lush Rainforest and Caribbean Sea

Crystal clear and filled with tropical fish, the waters around Belize are your playground. Whether you love to dive or simply enjoy paddling in the water after a day on the beach, you’ll miss their beauty and velvety warmth. Inland, Belize has many sanctuaries and protected preserves, so it’s just as rich in interior beauty. Odds are, you miss the diverse ecosystem which is a home for tropical birds, lizards and the elusive jaguar.

Belizean rum and beer

Belikin, made by the Belize Brewing Company in Ladyville, is available in several varieties and is perfect after a day of hiking the Maya ruins or snorkeling the barrier reef. Best of all, it’s usually only $4-5 at a local bar, or $3 if you buy it from a store. If you’d prefer a more potent potable, many cocktails feature the locally-made Traveller’s Rum.

Sunrise, sunset and Belize’s tropical living 

You’ll miss the sunrise from the balcony of your oceanfront condo and surreal mountain vistas while trekking through the rainforest. Most of all, though, you’ll miss the romantic sunsets over the waterLife here is relaxed. You can spend time enjoying life instead of worrying about the clock. The pristine beaches of Belize’s coast and cayes will feature in your dreams after you leave. You’ll miss walking along the surf, or just laying back in the sun.

Everything else

From the Beliz Barrier reef to the Maya ruins and many festivals with local music and art – there is so much more that you will miss about Belize. You may even end up planning your return as your plane departs! 

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