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by Caribbean Lifestyle Editorial Team

Find yourself while finding your place in Belize. Travelers often seek an experience they never expected – one that stretches their minds as well as their smiles. At some point, a traveler may come across a destination not only diverse and rich in experience, but familiar to the soul. We were all meant to explore, but what happens when we find more than what we were looking for – a home? That’s what Belize has done for many.

A country so young in age but mature in nature, Belize boasts some of nature’s finest land nestled between Central America and the Caribbean. Along with an ideal geological location, Belize offers world-renowned waters and nature scenes, like the vibrant blues off the shore of Ambergris Caye to the unmatched vistas, valleys, rivers, and hills found in the Cayo and Stann Creek Districts. Soon-to-be homeowners may ask – Where should I choose to buy? The answer depends on which location best matches your preferred lifestyle.

Is it waking up to a scenic sunrise over Caribbean beaches and spending the day with the rustic and easygoing people of Placencia Village? Or exploring a trail while the faint sounds of a waterfall guide you through a rainforest? What about fishing the flats of Ambergris Caye before enjoying the island’s nightlife or one of its highly-reviewed restaurants? The true blessing is, that no matter which lifestyle suits you best, there’s nothing holding you back from satisfying your inner traveler and making a trip to a different area.

There’s something for everyone!


Hopkins beach at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef. Image courtesy Belize Tourism Board

Every location offers a different setting and pace of life, creating a unique opportunity for each individual. Also, every destination in Belize is simply an enjoyable drive, boat ride, or short flight away. In real estate, we say “you don’t only buy the home, but also the neighborhood.” Here in Belize, you don’t only buy the home, but an all-access pass to the country’s many attractions as well. You become part of a unique land filled with natural wonder and new perspectives. The rat race of the developed world becomes a distant memory, replaced by the exotic adventures of your newly found place in the world.

3 Tips to Remember

  • Search and ask for a reputable Real Estate Agent. Start online, but also ask the locals in the area.
  • Discuss all tasks necessary with your Real Estate Agent so there are no hidden surprises.
  • Consider your lifestyle needs and special requirements when selecting a destination or community.

Find out more about Real Estate in Belize with Azain Medina from Vista Real Estate.

Written by Azain Medina. Header image courtesy Leonardo Melendez Photography. 

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