All Inclusive and Guest Exclusive: Chabil Mar Resort

by Larry Waight

Chabil Mar translates from Mayan to English as “beautiful sea”, and it’s hard to deny that the Placencia Peninsula offers plenty of views of those. But Chabil Mar is a lot more than just beachfront property. It’s a resort that puts the needs of each individual guest first and one that embraces its own local roots and traditions while still offering all the modern luxury and comforts that even the most privileged guests could want. The result is a resort that feels a little bit different from any other beachfront resort in Belize, thanks to the guest exclusive policy at Chabil Mar Villas.

The Guest Exclusive Experience

Photo Courtesy: Chabil Mar

The biggest difference is that Chabil Mar Villas is the only guest exclusive resort in the area. That means that all of the amenities and services on the property are reserved for those staying at the resort. For a peninsula with 16 miles of shoreline on either side separated only by a half-mile, a private beachfront can be in short supply. Guests at Chabil Mar have exclusive access to 400 feet of private beachfront property to enjoy all to themselves, but there are also two infinity pools that are completely the province of yourself and your fellow guests as well.

And if you’re sick of shuffling through crowded bars or waiting in long lines to be seated at a Placencia restaurant, you never need to. Veteran Chef Daniel has created a sublime and seasonal menu that combines fresh and local ingredients into original spins on traditional Belizean cuisine. Whether you’re looking for dinner on the beach, beside the pool, or in the privacy of your own villa, Chabil Mar is happy to accommodate your needs and give you the experience you’re looking for. A roaming butler wanders the premises to make sure that help is always within reach without being intrusive on your privacy.

A Chance to Experience Placencia Like a Local

An aerial of the Placencia Peninsula. Image by Duarte Dellarole

As a boutique resort staffed by locals, Chabil Mar prioritizes delivering experiences to guests that offer a genuine and authentic experience of life in Belize. The resort’s interior finds a balance between the classical and the modern, and it’s been fully decorated with art, furniture, and artifacts crafted by locals. The sleepy fishing town of Placencia Village is only a 15-minute walk from the resort. And while it’s becoming more popular with tourists, Placencia still manages to maintain the laidback vibe that’s been the standard vibe for generations.

If you’re looking to mix things up with a visit to the best local bar, restaurant, or secret landmark, the staff will be happy to help you. The goal is to make every guest feel like family, and Chabil Mar has also taken efforts to make sure that their resort has a positive impact on families throughout Belize. They’ve partnered with a wide variety of local businesses, professionals, and organizations to spread the wealth and make sure that their guests have access to the best variety and quality of services.

A Gateway to Adventure on the Beautiful Sea

Chabil Mar’s partners include some of the country’s best tour operators, and there’s a whole lot to explore in and around the Placencia Peninsula. Naturally, the Caribbean Sea is the biggest draw for most guests. There are over 400 islands worth exploring nearby, and Chabil Mar is located near two of the most beautiful in particular: Silk Caye and Laughing Bird Caye. Whether you’re looking to go snorkeling, diving, or fishing, Chabil Mar can get hook you up with a tour operator who can provide exactly what you’re looking for. Ready to go fishing for your own dinner? Ask Chef Daniel to prepare your fresh catch for dinner instead! 

chabil mar grilled lobster belize

A lunch of local lobster for surf & turf with Chabil Mar.

The razor-thin Placencia Peninsula has the feel of an island. However, the fact that it’s still connected to the land means that it’s much more convenient to explore the Belizean inland as well. And there’s plenty here worth exploring. Head just a little northwest of the resort, and you’ll find Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the first jaguar preserve in the world and just one of many beautiful and expansive national parks within the country. Continue to the northwest and you’ll eventually pass through Mountain Pine Ridge Forest and eventually find yourself in the absolutely gorgeous Cayo District.


Whether your plan is to experience as much of the country as possible or simply sprinkle a few short day trips in among your daily beach lounging; Chabil Mar has a package that’s tailored to your specifications. Because while exclusivity is at the heart of the Chabil Mar experience, it shouldn’t limit the adventures available to you. Book your villa to learn why Chabil Mar Villas was chosen as Fodor’s Choice For Luxury in Southern Belize. 

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