5 Unforgettable And Fun Things to Do In The Mountain Pine Ridge of Belize  

by Larry Waight

The Mountain Pine Ridge is a completely unique area of Belize in that is completely different from any other forest in the country. The ridge is actually a forest reserve that was created in the year 1944 to protect the area with its beautiful pine trees and hillsides made of granite. The area is truly a magnificent place, and it is a great location to visit and do a bunch of exciting things! Below are 5 unforgettable and fun things to do in the Mountain Pine Ridge this year. 

  1. Relax at Rio On Pools

mountain pine ridge picnic cayo

Plan a picnic! Photo courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

There are numerous natural pools throughout Mountain Pine Ridge. The pools are actually called Rio on Pools, as the river in the reserve dumps out over the granite rocks to create small pools and waterfalls. You can even enjoy a picnic while sitting by the pool on the banks which are nearby.  

  1. Explore Rio Frio Cave

outside rio frio caveRio Frio Cave is one of the most popular locations to visit in Belize, and it is found within Mountain Pine Ridge. The archway into the cave is 65-feet high, and from the outside of it, you can see into the cave and can see the cascading water that goes through it. This is a great option for families who want to explore or for beginners, as the cave is only a half-mile long.  

  1. Bird-Watch

mountain pine ridgeThere are countless birds that you can watch in splendor when visiting Mountain Pine Ridge. There are lovely species including the Stygian Owl, the Crossbill, the Rufous-Capped Warbler, the Eastern Bluebird, and many more. During the cooler months, you can even see the Hepatic Tanager flying through the air of the reserve. There are also raptors and falcons that fly between the valleys. Not to mention, its a truly spectacular sight that you are unlikely to forget about your visit.  

  1. Drive to Caracol Maya Ruins

caracol maya site must see belize

Caracol. © Duarte Dellarole Photography

There are Maya ruins that are found on the other side of Mountain Pine Ridge as well. Take a ride through the area to get to Caracol Maya Ruins, some of the largest found in the entirety of Belize. The ruins are found within the Chiquibul Nature Reserve, so throughout your entire ride, you will receive mesmerizing views. Be sure to see the massive temple that is known as Caana, or “Sky Place” in English.  

  1. Take in the Beauty of Waterfalls

Some of the top waterfalls in the country of Belize are available for you to visit for free when you come to Mountain Pine Ridge. Thousand Foot Falls is actually the tallest waterfall in the entirety of Central America; it is right within this reserve. You can also find Big Rock Falls within this park; this is amongst the tallest and has great swimming holes for you to cool off in.  

So if you are looking for a place to visit in Belize that can entertain your whole family or friends, consider Mountain Pine Ridge. This reserve is full of natural sites for you and your loved ones to explore and enjoy together.

Header photo courtesy Roeming Belize 

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