If you ever, find yourself venturing along the winding turns of the Hummingbird Highway of Belize, enjoy the views on the most naturally impressive drive to the eastern coast of the country. Then, turn right onto the Southern Highway and be sure to keep an eye out for the cut-off sign prompting “Hopkins Village”.

Turn left onto a road that will take you through a savannah teeming with wildlife. Watch as Wood Storks and Jabirus gracefully curtsy to fish for their meals and as butterflies and dragonflies flutter at every corner. At the end of this scenic road, you’ll find a quaint fishing village – Hopkins.

Entering Hopkins Village

The Hopkins sign bids welcome. Photo © Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle

The first thing to greet you is a beautiful mural of black, white, and yellow depicting a vibrant people. The writing reads Recibilumutibu Hopkins – you are being welcomed to the friendliest village in Belize. Nationally known as a hub of Garifuna culture, Hopkins Village sits hugged by the Maya Mountains to the West and the Caribbean Sea to the East.

Established in 1942 after the devastation of Newton Village by a hurricane, at first glance, it would be easy to assume there isn’t much to the village with a population of just over 1,000. Though, you’d be very wrong.

Beyond the main road, lined with modest homes, shops, and restaurants, there is a flourishing community that relishes the outdoor lounge lifestyle. Things to do while in Hopkins are abundant and wide-ranging.

Begin Your Day

Firstly, grab a Belizean breakfast to start the morning. Turn right after the entrance and head to the Paddle House at Jaguar Reef Resort for your coconut refried beans and fry jack fix. While you’re there, take in the beauty of the brown sugar beach and the Caribbean Sea framed by lazy palms and the odd mangrove shrub. The day has begun and there is so much to do!

Photo by The Belize Collection

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After fueling up with an indulgent breakfast, set your sights on exploring the village and all that surrounds it. You can spearfish, paddleboard, or jump in the Caribbean Sea for a quick dip. Do some bird watching while paddling the Sittee River or head to Palmetto Grove and kayak through the lagoon.


You’ll miss out if you don’t go on a cultural tour. If you like music, dance, and food you are in the right place! Learn how to play a beat on the Garifuna drums. Sway your hips to the sound of Punta. Climb a tree to pull down a coconut and prepare a delicious lunch. The rich taste of a hot bowl of seré complemented with hearty Hudut will keep you satisfied for hours.

Hudut – a traditional (and delicious) Garifuna dish. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

When the Sun Sets

Your day must not end without the view of the crimson skies turning dark behind the mountains. By the time night has descended upon you, the glowing marvel of the bioluminescent lagoon calls.

bioluminescence Hamanasi guest- Austin Schmitt⁠ hopkins

A Bioluminescence Tour at Anderson’s Lagoon in neighboring Sittee River Village. Photo by Hamanasi Guest Austin Schmitt

Look up and gaze at one of the clearest views of the constellations. This is when you’ll truly appreciate the natural beauty of this wonderful place. Before you leave, stop by Newton Bar. The chicken soup there is to die for. Or, head to Driftwood Beach Bar to hang with the locals.

One day is never enough, but you’ll leave Hopkins with a full belly and a light step. See you next time!

Written by Bea Jay Armstrong. Featured Photo by the Belize Tourism Board. This article was published in September 2019. 

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