An Island Idyll at Blue Marlin Beach Resort, South Water Caye

by Larry Waight

You can’t throw a rock in Belize without hitting a beach resort, and there’s a good reason for that. Whether you’re positioned in the wild inland territory of the Cayo District or sprawled out on the beaches of Placencia, you can be practically guaranteed a great view and beautiful weather. Where you pick will affect not just what attractions are near you but also what kind of experience you can expect. Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, for instance, are two beautiful islands that have become crowded with tourists thanks to its proximity to the Belize International Airport.

An Island Away From It All

Smaller islands leave less room for development by resorts, and that means that islands like South Water Caye often get overlooked by vacationers. That’s a shame for them but can be a huge asset to you. Blue Marlin Beach Resort is one of only a few settlements on the island, and the caye itself is only fifteen acres altogether.

With a Huge Geographic Advantage

South_Water_Caye belize island Dangriga

Although small, there is so much to see on this Island. South Water Caye by Duarte Dellarole

South Water Caye is a great way to get away from it all, but it’s not the only isolated island off the coast of Belize. What this island has working for it is the fact that it’s positioned directly on the Belize Barrier Reef. Easily the most popular marine attraction in Belize, the barrier reef is the jackpot for snorkeling, diving, and even fishing. The fact that Blue Marlin Beach Resort is right there means that you can jump right into the action and go exploring the barrier reef on your own rather than relying on ferries and expeditions to take you out.

Conveniently, Blue Marlin Beach Resort is never too far from the mainland too. It can be reached easily by boat from Dangriga.

A Place to Call Home

blue marlin beach lodge

Image courtesy Blue Marlin Beach Lodge

Many resorts only offer the illusion of paradise while packing you in tightly placed condos. Blue Marlin instead offers a variety of rooms that give you flexibility to suit your situation while making sure that you have the privacy you need. The private cabanas sit right on the beach and offer a private deck on the outside along with plush modern amenities on the inside. Combine this with the seafront family cabanas and the garden family suites, and you’re left with options that are tailored for everyone from couples on their honeymoon to families looking to spend some time bonding together.

Kayaking Blue marlin south water caye

Kayaking South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Photo courtesy Blue Marlin Lodge

And while this island may be small, that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in amenities. Free Wi-Fi is available all over the island along with paddle boards, kayaks, beach towels, and a variety of other options for exploring the island. The docks are a great way to soak up some sun, but you can also see plenty of gorgeous sea life by just snorkeling around them. And while South Water Caye is home to Charlie’s Dining and Bar, you’re just as likely to see guests gathered around the barbecue grill. And when you’re ready for a drink but don’t want to leave the beach, Mike’s Tiki Thatch is ready to serve up whatever you’re craving.

Convenient Itineraries For Any Taste

Come as strangers – leave as friends. Photo courtesy Blue Marlin Beach Resort

Plenty of people come to Blue Marlin to do their own thing, and there’s plenty of leverage for that. But if there’s an activity worth doing on the island, you can count on a Belize vacation package that includes it. Fishing trips are available for both the reef and fly fishing along with both solo and combination dive and snorkel expeditions that let you get up close and personal with the reef.

If you’re looking for something more laid back, there are even options for that — the relaxation package comes with no strings attached, and there are inclusive and romantic honeymoon and wedding packages as well. You can even rent out the entire resort if you’re looking to host an event on the cheap that will really impress a crowd. No matter what your circumstances are, Blue Marlin Beach Resort can handle all the logistics for the entire trip — so there’s no need to worry about the little details.

Those options extend beyond the island as well. While it’s nice to retreat into total seclusion, Belize has a lot of sights worth seeing as well. Blue Marlin may be tucked away on a tropical island, but their list of tours is exhaustive. Fishing, diving, and snorkeling tours are available for all of the major points of interest throughout Belize’s stretch of the Caribbean, but there are opportunities for cultural tours, cave spelunking, and ruin exploration.

If you’ve been considering a trip to the Caribbean, consider what Blue Marlin Beach Resort has to offer. From their isolated but idyllic location to the wealth of amenities and packages to the effectiveness of the staff, they have something to offer every kind of traveler.  

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