Make Your Trip To Belize Memorable With a Monkey River Tour  

by Larry Waight
monkey river

Are you a nature lover looking for a thrilling wildlife adventure? Don’t miss the chance to see friendly, funny monkeys up close on the Monkey River Tour in Southern Belize. This tour is especially fun for children, who will delight in spotting a variety of wildlife along the river.

What Is Monkey River?

Monkey River is one of the principal rivers in southern Belize. It is an inland waterway that stretches from Placencia to the aptly named Monkey River Village. The best way to take this tour is to arrange a boat excursion from Placencia Village. A knowledgeable local guide can guide you through the most scenic areas of the river and point out plants and wildlife.

monkey river

The river ride is wonderfully scenic. You’ll pass through mangroves and stretches of rainforest densely populated with colorful birds and exotic wildlife. Watch out for turtles, egrets, toucans, macaws, and even jaguars.

You’ll definitely see and hear the black howler monkeys that hang around the trees and the shoreline. Black howler monkeys are the loudest mammal, and you’ll hear them from miles away. Howler monkeys are endangered in other parts of the world, but in Belize, they have a safe home.

The thrills don’t end on the shoreline. In the water, watch for frogs, iguanas, crocodiles, and manatees.

monkey river tourmonkey river tourmonkey river tour

Monkey River Town

This quiet fishing village is only accessible by boat. It sits at the point where the Monkey River and the Caribbean Sea meet. Monkey River Town has a population of about 200 people.

The pristine riverfront is the ideal spot to take a refreshing dip after your river ride. Relax and enjoy nature at its unspoiled best.

Visit the Snake Cayes

Once you’re in Monkey River Town, the Snake Cayes are only a 45-minute boat ride away. Boat captains in Monkey River Town offer daily excursions to the cayes.

These four offshore islands are in the inner part of the Belize Coastal Lagoon. Manatees, lobsters, sea turtles, and other sea creatures swim in the clear, protected waters.

East Snake Caye, formerly known as Lighthouse Caye, is an excellent destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. West Snake Caye is a popular destination for people who want to swim, sunbathe, snorkel or picnic on the beach. The caye has a white sand beach and an inland lagoon.

Make It Memorable

Don’t leave Belize without a tour of the magical, exciting Monkey River. It will be an unforgettable part of your Belize vacation. 

Written by Larry Waight

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