MUNA: an Elevated Dining Experience In Placencia Belize 

by McNab Editorial Team
muna rooftop restaurant

Rooftop Restaurant Muna Is an Elevated Dining Experience In Placencia Belize 

Placencia is known for its casual, friendly beach bars. When you’re in the mood for a more elevated dining experience, head to the Muna rooftop restaurant for a meal that will send your spirits soaring.

Make the most of your beach vacation by dining at one of Placencia‘s most exciting new restaurants. Located at the Ellysian resort, Muna is a dining experience that will be a highlight of your Belize vacation.

muna rooftop restaurant

Photo by Muna Restaurant

Belize Is a Culinary Surprise

If you think Belizean cuisine is just stew chicken with rice and beans, it’s time to learn more about the wonderful variety of our food. In Belize, we have a deep respect for nature and a longstanding commitment to sustainable agriculture. We were using small-scale, organic family farms to produce our food long before these concepts became fashionable.

Belize’s unique geography and history have contributed to the incredible variety of food. Belize is rich in cultural diversity, and each culture has contributed its own foods and flavors to our cuisine. We are intensely creative when it comes to spices, herbs and intriguing combinations of flavors.

The need to create a variety of enticing meals for our growing tourism trade has led to incredible culinary creativity.

Muna Celebrates the Flavors of Belize

At Muna, you can dine on traditional Belizean and Caribbean food with an updated, elegant twist. Because they’re on the beach, they primarily use fresh seafood. Their seafood selections include: 

  • Shrimp-stuffed plantain croquettes. 
  • Red snapper baked in banana leaves. 
  • Seafood curry pasta. 
  • Ceviche.

If you want a lighter meal, try one of their soups. They offer split pea soup made with caramelized bacon, seafood chowder and other options that showcase their culinary creativity.

For dessert, try their Maya chocolate cake, coconut crème Brulee, grilled pineapple or other tempting treats.

What’s Special About the Ellysian

In an area noted for its many beachfront resorts, the Ellysian stands apart as one of Placencia’s most upscale and elegant hotels. Boasting just 13 exquisitely appointed rooms including a penthouse suite and a two-level suite suitable for families, the Ellysian is the ultimate in beachfront luxury.

At the Ellysian, they have created an unmatched experience for all of their guests. You’ll find that same commitment to excellence at Muna. If you’re a visitor to Belize or a local, they welcome you to a new culinary adventure. 

Written by Larry Waight

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