Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be On A Private Island

by Gisselle Hernandez

As summer travel ramps up again, it’s time to resume the sorely needed family vacation that was put on pause for the past couple of years. But this time, families aren’t looking at the average, run-of-the-mill trips. With Expedia calling 2022 the year of the GOAT (greatest of all time) trip, moms, dads, and the kiddos are looking to go big. One way to do so? Vacationing with your family on a private island in Belize.

Your private hideaway

The pandemic has led us to develop new habits that now seep into our travel plans even years later. One of them is seeking vacation destinations that tend to be devoid of crowds. A private island offers the optimum seclusion without compromising on comfort. You and your family won’t need to fight for beach space in Belize when you have an entire mile-long shoreline at your disposal.

Additionally, your every need will be catered for by attentive hotel staff, offering that one-on-one intimate interaction you rarely find in other multi-chain resorts. By choosing to stay on a private island in Belize, you forgo the hassle that comes with coming across tourist crowds in destination hotspots. 

A way to unplug…and connect

Booking your family vacation somewhere off-grid in Belize, like a private island, also allows your loved ones to unplug from the devices that have enslaved us all. Sure, many private islands offer Wi-Fi nowadays – even if it’s limited – but the temptation to pick up a screen will be far less when surrounded by stunning seascapes.

Kickback, and relax. Photo courtesy Coppola Hideaways

With limited technology, your family will experience a digital detox that can do wonders for their mental well-being. It also allows a chance for a closer family connection now that there are no distractions to get in the way of bonding.

The more, the merrier

The great thing about private island resorts is that it caters to multi-gen travel. As multigenerational trips take the lead this summer, more families are making the convenient decision of booking out either an entire island or half an island. Imagine, an entire island just for you all!

Be it a birthday vacation, a destination wedding or simply celebrating seeing grandma and grandpa again, group travels flourish the best when they have the space to entertain. Private island bookings also often come with meal plans, packages, and experiences included to make life a little easier. This way your multi-gen family can simply focus on catching up and creating memories together.

Where to stay

When looking for a private island resort that knows how to impress, Ray Caye Island Resort checks the boxes for group family vacations looking for something upscale. If you prefer something more low-key and on the rustic side, check out wildlife-rich Coral Caye, one of Francis Ford Coppola’s Hideaways. Want to experience the magic of a marine reserve? Blue Marlin Beach Resort sits in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, a protected area teeming with rich biodiversity.

Royal Belize

The 7.5-acre fully private island of Royal Belize, a Muy’Ono Resort

And just a stone’s throw away, Muy’Ono Resort’s Royal Belize caters to one party at a time—if you prefer something dipped in ultra-exclusivity instead. Here, you and up to fifteen more family members for an exclusive, all-inclusive experience. Though if your family is looking looking for more humble lodgings without compromising any comforts (like air-con in your overwater unit!), there’s always Thatch Caye, a Muy’Ono private island resort in Southern Belize.

Thatch caye belize overwater cabana

Thatch Caye is a Muy’Ono Resort.

When it comes to booking a private island in Belize, there’s no wrong choice.

Header image courtesy Royal Belize, a Muy’Ono Resort.

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