Old Belize Museum 

by McNab Editorial Team
old belize museum ride

Coming to Belize is always a fruitful experience; seeing and learning about different cultures, the food, meeting locals, and experiencing all that is this beautiful country. But have you ever wondered what Belize was like in the past? Well, there’s no need to wonder because the Old Belize Museum gives you a firsthand look at what Belize used to be.  

About Old Belize 


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Old Belize not only serves as a museum, but it also has a restaurant, gift shop, beach, and serves as port where catamarans and boats are docked. Upon entering you will first notice the numerous amounts of catamarans and boats docked near the pier. When walking down the pier you will see rustic, historical souvenirs of the “Old Belize” – from gasoline lanterns to gasoline irons (because electrical irons weren’t invented as yet).  

Old Belize Museum 

This is not your average museum where you have to walk around, instead, you have to take a train ride. The train will take you through a short tunnel and trust me you won’t believe your eyes when you get inside. The designers of this museum literally recreated everything Belize! You enter into what looks like an actual rainforest and the stimulations make you feel as if you’re there, with the sounds of birds and other wildlife, the waterfall rushing and trickling down the rocks. After the rainforest, they give you a tour of each culture and their practices in Belize and what they contributed to the development and history of this country. This is an amazing tour for families and those who want to learn about this melting pot.  

old belize train ride
Photos by Old Belize
old belize museum ride

Gift Shop 

After the train ride, you can find the gift shop next door. All unBELIZEable products that are such thoughtful and intricate souvenirs; made by Belizeans for those who want a little token of this wonderful country. 

Restaurant & Bar 

Come here and feel the nice sea breeze while drinking a refreshing “panty ripper”, rum and coke, or sweet natural juices. You can also enjoy a nice plate of authentic Belizean food that their chef makes just for you.  

Kukumba Beach 

old belize city kukumba beach

Enjoy the only beach in the city at Old Belize Adventure’s Kukumba Beach.

This is an enclosed beach that is perfect for everyone to enjoy! They offer a variety of amusement activities – water slides, swings, etc. As well as a beach bar and volleyball nets on the beach if you don’t want to take a swim. Old Belize Museum is an amazing place for you and your family to have a fun-filled day! 

Written by Reyann Garcia

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