Paradise Found: How One Eco-resort in Southern Belize Makes Waves

by Larry Waight

Belize’s dense rainforest of the interior hides a wealth of exotic creatures but also hides thrilling sacred caves and ancient ruins. Meanwhile, the coast extends luxuriously down the country’s east coast to press against the brilliant blue Caribbean, and over 400 islands to the east encircle the world’s second-largest barrier reef. But no matter how you want to spend your days, there’s only one place you should stay — Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort.

Accommodations For Your Unique Adventure

It’s all fun and good to get dirty exploring hidden caves and jungles, but everyone deserves somewhere comfortable to come home to. Hamanasi offers exactly that. Three different configurations of beachfront rooms offer you a view of the shore while letting you scale your experience from a thrifty home camp to an opulent honeymoon suite.

Regular and deluxe treehouse rooms are similarly spacious, comfortable, and stylish — but they also offer a view of the interior. Up in the trees, these rooms provide a level of shade and solitude that’s great for people who are just looking to get away from it all. And you won’t be missing out by not having a view of the beach either. Each private deck overlooks the diverse rainforest replete with exotic birds.

Policies that Sustain and Regenerate

The tourism industry can be both a boon and a curse for countries with the sort of rich natural majesty you find in Belize. Tourists offer some rich economic boosts to the community, but the influx of people can be devastating to the natural environment. Sustainability isn’t simply an ethical choice.

It’s a good business decision for any resort with long-term business plans. And Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort is leading the pack in what humane tourism looks like.

On the surface, that means practicing the same forms of sustainability that other eco-tourism resorts are employing. Hamanasi’s motto of reducing, reusing, and recycling for the sake of people, planet, and profit has allowed them to become a leader in sustainable eco-tourism, and it’s earned them praised from the Belize Tourism Board. Their long list of awards is a testament to their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

But it’s also a recognition of Hamanasi’s vision for the future. The resort is currently on the Advisory Board of Regenerative Travel, and they’re actually one of the founding members of Regenerative Resorts. It’s a partnership between independently owned luxury resorts and hotels that are committed to making the world better through their practices.

Staff Ready to Make Your Experience Perfect

This enthusiastic and community-focused approach to tourism is reflected in Hamanasi’s commitment to being the perfect host for everyone. Continental breakfast and evening turndown services are complimentary, and the on-site concierge can help connect you with kayaks, bicycles, and paddleboards for getting around Hopkins Village. The community focus of Hamanasi is reflected in these amenities too. The Hamanasi shop puts the spotlight on local creators so you can bring authentic arts and crafts home with you.

Endless Sources of Adventure

While it’s perfectly fine to come to Hamanasi and just sprawl out on the beach, there’s a lot to offer those looking for more adventurous pursuits. The dedicated Adventure Center offer a full-service approach so you can get an excursion that matches your needs without any stress. Whether you’re looking to plot out a dense itinerary of adventures or simply scatter some day trips throughout your stay, the experience and enthusiastic guides can work closely with you.

bioluminescence Hamanasi guest- Austin Schmitt⁠ hopkins

Photo by Hamanasi Guest Austin Schmitt

There are a lot of opportunities out here as well. The Belize Barrier Reef is obviously a popular choice for diving, snorkeling, and fishing, but Turneffe Islands Atoll, the Blue Hole, and Glover’s Reef each have their own unique ecosystems worth exploring. You can even go spearfishing for lionfish if you have the stomach for it. The more romantically inclined can enjoy a romantic private cruise to see the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Whether you’re new to diving or an experience pro, you can find both training and equipment at the on-site dive shop.

hopkins Emily Kaszton hamanasi

Still waters at Hamanasi Resort. Photo courtesy Hamanasi guest Emily Kaszton

Despite Belize’s obvious appeal as a beach destination, you’ll also find plenty to do on the land. The nearby Mayflower jungle is one of the most popular destinations for travelers because it offers some truly gorgeous waterfall views — but you can also get a tour for the jaguar preserve at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary during the day or night. And the jungles of Belize offer truly stunning bird watching as well, with different opportunities depending on when you arrive.

If you’re planning your next vacation, find a place where you can feel pampered and still like you’re doing good for the environment and the community. Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort wants to remind you why the natural beauty of this planet is worth saving.

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