Press Pause On a Charming Island Like Belize’s St. George’s Caye

by Larry Waight

Have you ever contemplated “the power of the pause”? These days, stimulation is everywhere we turn, and society has become a microcosm of activity in which “being fast” and staying super busy is seen as an admirable trait. If you live life in the fast lane, let going on vacation and taking a break be a priority in 2024. How does an island getaway in tropical Belize sound? After all, enjoying some soothing ocean water and healing sunshine might just be one of the quickest and easiest ways to hit pause. 

The Island Vacation That Will Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Press pause on the island of St. George’s Caye in Belize. Photo by ROEming Belize

For a true break, look to the island of St. George’s Caye, sitting just off the coast of mainland Belize. There you’ll find Casa Al Mar, an all-inclusive vacation rental home that’s so cozy you couldn’t get stressed out even if you tried.  This family vacation home is the ideal property for a group of friends and family, able to accommodate up to 14 persons. 

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Enjoy having the home all to yourself – just you and your nearest and dearest. And because every inch of this sprawling manse will be yours, you won’t have to tolerate noisy neighbors, though you and your mates can make as much noise as you like! That said, your party may not amass the collective energy needed to get rowdy with access to so many amenities, including a private boat and the services of a licensed captain and tour guide.

Pause to Enjoy a Task-Free Trip

Booking your 2024 break with Casa Al Mar means that transfers to and from the international airport are covered. Additionally, a private chef will be at the home to prepare delicious meals and snacks. Expect extraordinary local cuisine – the perfect fuel for a day of doing it all or doing nothing at all


Accommodations are spacious, though you can expect the east and west private decks to be everyone’s favorite gathering places. Further, getting bored is impossible! Just check out all the island- and mainland-based adventures offered. 

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Casa Al Mar is more than a rental home on an intriguing island. It’s a sanctuary where groups enjoy personalized attention and where pressing pause is incredibly easy. 

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All photos courtesy of Casa Al Mar 

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