Put a Ray Caye Vacation on Your Christmas Wishlist

by Megan Rodden

For several years now, my family has subscribed to the ideology that experiences enrich our lives more than material items do.  We would much rather make a new memory or learn a new skill than acquire more stuff.  This Christmas we’re really trying to be mindful in our giving of gifts and pick presents that are either instructional, illuminative, or restorative; gifts that are intangible but unforgettable.  I think I’ve found the ultimate gift the entire family will flip for.  Here’s why a Ray Caye Vacation is the perfect present and why you should put it on your Christmas Wishlist. 

Gift the Best of Belize

Belize is a nation of intriguing cultures, exotic wildlife, and wonderous natural beauty.  The crowning jewel of the country is its incredible barrier reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Amazing marine life, colorful corals, picturesque offshore atolls and islands – this is what draws visitors to the Caribbean, and Belize surely delivers on the tropical vacation dream. 

Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca

Experience the best of Belize and what a Caribbean vacation can be on Ray Caye, a private island resort with Old World charm but modern amenities.  A retreat to Ray Caye is like stepping back in time, to before the Caribbean became crowded and commercialized.   A small, exclusive island resort with the Belize Barrier Reef at its doorstep and first-rate service from thoughtful and attentive staff, a Ray Caye getaway is a dream come true for anyone who appreciates nature and tranquility. 

One Present the Whole Family Will Love

Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca

I can think of few gifts that fit beneath the Christmas Tree that can please every member of the family, but a Ray Caye vacay is a home run for both parents and children.  Days on the caye are spent frolicking on the beach, discovering the underwater wonders of the coral reef, and basking in the warm tropical weather.  

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Young travelers will delight in the hunt for hermit crabs and geckos, seahorses, and starfish, while older children can push their limits on ocean kayaks, paddleboards, and Hobie Cats.  Daredevils of any age will love the resort’s two-story-tall waterslide and diving platform over the crystalline sea.

Vacationing at Ray Caye: A Christmas Gift That Endures

Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca

Toys and clothes and jewelry can so easily be outgrown or go out of fashion, but memories can last a lifetime.  Treat yourself and your loved ones to an adventure they won’t soon forget.  Restore your spirits and strengthen your bonds on a glorious warm-weather getaway.  My family loves learning together whether it’s something new about nature conservation, or the history of a place, or simply trying a new food we’ve not had before; knowledge is an intangible gift we carry with us from place to place- forever! 

Acquiring a new skill such as an open-water scuba certification would be the ultimate Christmas present: meaningful, memorable, and oh so much fun.  I cannot imagine a more perfect location to pursue a PADI course than at Ray Caye Resort.  The island boasts a full-service dive shop and caring instructors for all ability levels.


This holiday season, think outside the (gift) box!  Consider giving the gift of experiences rather than things.  Ask Santa for a tropical island getaway and a double dose of vitamin sea, where magical memories are made, and incredible experiences are had.  Put a Ray Caye vacation on your Christmas Wishlist this year!

All photos courtesy of Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca unless captioned otherwise

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