Ray Caye: This Sunny Belize Island is Like No Other

by McNab Editorial Team
ray caye

Join the eco-off-the-grid community at a brand new haven that represents the future of resort tourism.

According to MarketWatch, people in today’s society have become so enmeshed in their digital lives, some suffer health crises when their electronic devices disappear or fail to work. Taking advantage of this reality, writer Kari Paul took a deep dive into the state of “disconnect desperation” consumers experience, even when on vacation.

Her journey took her to the newly-launched travel company “Off the Grid” committed to sending travelers to destinations where phones are not permitted. So maybe “not permitted” is a bit of a stretch, but doesn’t somewhere like this sound like a place you would be brave enough to try—-a place where you get the opportunity to disconnect, mellow out and spend quality time with yourself or someone you adore?

Ray Caye, a one-of-a-kind Belize resort, has your name written all over it – don’t worry Wi-Fi is readily available on the island, but there is no direct phone service, and you’ll be so busy enjoying your surroundings it probably won’t even matter. So, are you ready to learn more about a unique private island experience that respects the Earth as well as your need to relax and decompress?

This intimate island is exactly what the doctor ordered

Ray Caye is a private island that’s so exclusive and luxurious, there are only 20 rooms on the island, at maximum capacity the island will only have 48 guests with both public and private areas, so you can find peace in one corner of the island or if you want to join the yachting community that visits the island on the other end.

Located just 18 miles off the coast of today’s trendiest Belize district, Placencia, the former Hatchet Cay Resort received an extreme makeover from new owners and the resort will officially re-open its doors for the first time in January 2020.

The vibe? Pure jungle and aquatic paradise with a twist. You see, this gorgeous place also happens to be a state-of-the-art ecological resort that relies on a newly-installed solar energy system called TESLA Powerwall, predicted to be the wave of the future throughout the globe and runs fully on sunshine about 90% of the time!

That’s just the beginning

This off-the-grid paradise is self-sustaining thanks to the installation of pioneering energy and water systems. And even though energy-efficiency and ecology are prioritized, no detail has been forgotten when it comes to luxury and comfort.

The island’s eateries include The Lionfish Bar & Grill and Catch 831 and La Bodega, the community provisions shop with wines, beers, and spirits. Three choices on this little island? That’s right–and they all serve fresh produce that’s grown on the island and prepare sustainably-caught seafood, too.

Would you expect anything less from a newly-imagined resort concept like Ray Caye?

ray Caye food

The outside world is equally exciting

According to the resort’s new owners–who have had ample time to check out island visitors–Ray Caye environs are amazing. Guests will not only have the tropical experience of a lifetime but will be entertained nightly by visits from the neighborhood Spotted Eagle Rays from whom the resort got its name. You can view them every night from the South Dock between 6:30 – 11:00 pm and if you’re really brave, you can snorkel with them as well, there’s no other place in Belize that this is possible!

If you forgot something at home or are worried about your fitness routine being interrupted you need not worry, snacks and sundries are available, full provisions for yachters, a dive and tour shop (Pirate Reef Divers), a gym and yoga studio are at your disposal.

Wander off to nearby Moho Caye or book the resort’s 46-foot catamaran. Given the caye’s close proximity to the mainland, add tours to your itinerary that include wandering Maya ruins, jungles, animal sanctuaries, caves, waterfalls, and cultural stops.

Seeing is believing, and while the resort doesn’t officially re-open until January, you’re going to want to visit the website to see what awaits you when you come: https://raycaye.com/gallery.

While you’re there, book accommodations before they’re all snapped up at exactly the time of year you plan to vacation. We recommend buying a bottle of sunscreen now and putting it in a prominent place as a reminder of the luxurious island eco-resort you’ll be seeing soon!

Written by Larry Waight

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