The Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant: Belize’s Version of Eden  

by Larry Waight

If the idea of finding a sanctuary amid this verdant splendor appeals to you, you owe it to yourself to start making plans for a sojourn at Belize’s unique Sleeping Giant Lodge. You won’t find a more delightful experience if you seek authenticity and crave being hosted by Mother Nature herself. Built on the edge of a 10,000-acre reserve, guests enjoy a rare opportunity to soak up tropical splendor amid views of the Maya Mountains and Sibun River Valley that are nearly as spectacular as the lush accommodations from which they can choose. This is no ordinary resort and words alone can’t describe this magical place, so if you’re intrigued, keep reading!

Paradise found in this jungle haven

Given the uniqueness of this property, The Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant has won numerous travel industry awards and garners all manner of rave reviews from guests who are charmed and awed by the resort’s perks and amenities. They are enraptured by uninterrupted jungle views that are so soothing, that leaving one’s accommodation is no easy task. Only 31 lodgings—including Riverview suites, Creekside cottages, and the Mountainview Penthouse—offer guests a level of privacy that can be impossible to find these days.

Whether your idea of bliss is resting and relaxing at the Lodge, or you crave as many excursions and tours as time allows, your wish is the command of welcoming staff who are trained in the art of intuiting every guest’s needs and wants and making those dreams come true. Start your heavenly holiday by choosing an all-inclusive package that suits your wishes and desires from a menu of options that could make it hard to choose just one. If you can’t find exactly the experience you seek, it may not exist!

Gourmet dining above the tree line? You bet

You’re going to want to meet Chef Rahim during your stay at The Rainforest Lodge if only to offer your compliments once you get a taste of his culinary wizardry. His adroit pairing of locally grown fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices served with aplomb at the Grove House Restaurant results in sweet and savory delights that win praise from the pickiest diners. A good majority of what’s on the menu is harvested from the resort’s 600-acre garden or local farmers.

What’s more delicious than the food? The atmosphere, of course. Awash in touches that perfectly complement the tree canopy that brings the outdoors inside via wrap-around windows, private dining enclaves filled with indigenous art beneath the timber and thatched roof make dining pure joy. This is no ordinary eatery since it occupies three floors within the lodge. For example, the second deck hosts the bar, lounge, and balcony dining area while the third welcomes guests for breakfast and dinner.

A family affair

The Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant belongs to an exclusive group of properties dedicated to giving every Belize visitor a holiday experience that is so amazing, no other Belize property consortium holds a candle to The Belize Collection. A remarkable collection of properties that cater to discriminating tourists who are weary of “the same old; same old” resort experience.

Each property is restorative. Each one invites you to explore your curiosity, learn more about yourself, and indulge in experiences you have dreamed about but thought you might never find. The Belize Collection’s rarified menu of beachfront resorts, jungle lodges, villas, and luxury residences is located throughout Belize so if you prefer one district to another, you’ll find exactly what you seek.


Once you become a member of this exclusive community, you’ll be kept in the loop about deals that are so desirable, that you’ll find more excuses than you ever imagined to justify year-round vacations at the luxurious properties within The Belize Collection family. You already know that temperatures stay idyllic year-round, everyone speaks English, and plane rides take very few hours. Keep your suitcase handy. You’ve found paradise. When can we expect to welcome you and your imagination? 

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