Splash Dive Belize Puts a Positive Spin on Blue Monday

by Vivian Roe

This year, Splash Dive Center is putting a positive spin on Blue Monday. Traditionally, January 18 is known as the most depressing day of the year thanks to holiday blues. However, this local dive shop on the Placencia Peninsula is putting a positive spin on it and seeing blue in a different light. Here, they round up the best hues of blue you can see and experience in Belize. From the iconic Blue Hole to a remote, private island down South, these sites will change your perspective on Blue Monday. In fact, you may be booking a Belize vacation to see and experience them yourself!

The Blue Hole & Lighthouse Atoll

blue hole

The famous Blue Hole was immortalized by Jacques Cousteau in the Calypso. Actually a sinkhole that was created after the collapse of an underground cavern and cave system, the dark blue is simply spectacular. Beneath the blue, you’ll find huge stalactites and abundant marine life, including sharks. Diving or snorkeling this icon is on almost every hard core diver’s bucket list. The surrounding Lighthouse Atoll adda to the magnificence of the site and boasts varying shades of blue to see, snorkel and take in.

Splash Dive Center offers the chance to dive this wonder within their Belize Blue Hole and Whale Shark package. In addition, they can organize and customize a dive trip specifically to the Belize Blue Hole.

Glover’s Reef Atoll

Glover’s Reef is a composite site in Belize’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and a marine reserve with designated no-take and conservation zones. It is the most remote of the atolls, but well worth the journey. The pristine waters with unique coral formations and tons of marine life make it a popular spot for divers wanting to see the best Belize has to offer.

glovers reef atoll belize reopens

Photo by Our Travel Tips

In addition, there are a number of private islands with small diving and fishing resorts for those wishing to stay for longer than just a day.

South Water Caye Marine Reserve 

South Water Caye is Belize’s second largest marine reserve on the Barrier Reef with colors of every blue imaginable. Dive sites at South Water Caye include rousing walls and canyons alongside healthy corals. Moreover, the outer reef walls are one of the best places to see spotted eagle rays.

©MLowen via Splash Dive Center

There are a myriad of dive and snorkel sites at both South Water Caye and Grand Channel. The expert guides at Splash Dive Center know the area well and take visitors to some of the most beautiful locations.

Silk Cayes

Silk Cayes

A tiny stretch of sand within the blue

Silk Caye is another noteworthy mention near Gladden Spit with a wall that goes down seemingly forever! Here, count the shades of blue from the tiny stretch of sand which appears as the tides change. After, retreat to the tiny isle for pristine conditions.

About Splash Dive Center

Splash diving boat

Photo courtesy Splash Dive Center

As a local dive shop on the Placencia Peninsula, Splash Dive Center offers PADI dive certifications alongside dive and snorkel trips to various sites. And as a Gold Standard Certified Tour Operator, they provide guests with the very highest standards of service. In addition, dive trips are educational, informative and fun. Not to mention, the operator is big on sustainability, the local environment and supporting its community. These reasons, along with their positive spin on a negative day, make them a top operator in our books.

For more information on this operator, as well as, other tours and services offered, visit their website. Header photo via Our Travel Tip

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