Spotlighting this ‘Schoolcation’ In Belize for International Students’ Day

by Carolee Chanona

Across the world today, International Students’ Day marks a celebration of the multiculturalism of international students. And, the increasing availability of education globally. With teaching looking very different today than just one year ago, many parents have turned into teachers while remote learning challenges school-aged children. According to The Daily Beast, a new national poll of the U.S. workforce by Eagle Hill Research found that 65 percent of employees with children in remote learning situations are feeling burnout. However, parents are looking to exhale and are finding relief with a “schoolcation,” and finding it in Belize with Turtle Inn.

A Schoolcation in Belize?

coppola belize family vacation

Photo by the Family Coppola Hideaways

Families are loading up backpacks with school supplies, packing the laptop, and hitting the road for a schoolcation in places that school-kid friendly packages, like Turtle Inn. After all, online learning can be done anywhere. “Schoolcations provide a dazzling distraction to the bleak academic education lockdown that mass remote learning has rolled out,” says Karen Aronian, Ed.D. of Aronian Education Design, who consulted with JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton (Marriott) pre-COVID on how to elevate their environs for young guests and families.

The Coppola Curriculum – Turtle Inn, Placencia 

Enjoy barefoot elegance at Turtle Inn.

The Turtle Inn is among the Family Coppola Hideaways in Belize that feature the “Coppola Curriculum”. For three to four hours a day, children of all ages enjoy science, arts, language, adventure, culinary, cultural and service activities. This can include everything from bird counting by species, organic gardening, wood carving, tree planting, Creole and Spanish classes, getting PADI certified, reading stories to local school children, tortilla making and guacamole preparation and more. Up the cool factor with time in the rainforest, waterfalls and at the Mayan ruins. A poolside garden view cottage starts at $329 a night. The “Coppola Curriculum is $150 per student, per day.

Turtle Inn was originally featured on The Daily Beast. Read all recommendations for a schoolcations here.

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