At Sunset Caribe Belize Rest and Relaxation are the House Specialties

by Larry Waight

Ask people in your crowd what the letters R&R stand for, and you’ll get different answers. Some folks associate the 2 Rs with rules and regulations. Others say it stands for rescue and recovery. For business types, it’s remove and replace, and for those who love a good party, one dictionary insists that R&R stands for rum and raspberry!

For the most part, weary North Americans are very likely to equate R&R with rest and relaxation, but that can be hard to do when the demands of your job, family responsibilities, and social activities tend to keep you in a state of perpetual motion. What’s the solution to getting off this hamster’s wheel? Pick a vacation destination that specializes in rest and relaxation, and you’ll have no choice but to master the art of R&R.

Where should one go to achieve bliss? For starters, look to Belize’s Caribeville community on Ambergris Caye.  To delight guests eager to reach an elevated state of relaxation, the folks at Sunset Caribe have designed the ultimate package. Here’s what you need to know about this luxury bayside resort’s Rest and Relaxation Package

About Sunset Caribe

Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Must you book the R&R package to achieve a state of tranquility? Not necessarily. Some vacationers arriving at this stunning waterfront resort notice that their breath slows down and heart rates decrease simply from having left stress so many miles away.  Sunset Caribe has myriad resources that will make you feel cared for and pampered, including sleek accommodations. They also have onsite golf cart rentals to help you navigate Ambergris Caye when you’re not pursuing rest and relaxation.

Meanwhile, Caribeville restaurants Rain Rooftop Terrace and Aqua offer elevated gourmet dining experiences. And, there’s a nearby grocery store and medical clinic, too. But since you’re in town to be pampered by professionals, this facet of the rest and relaxation package is going to be the most enjoyable:

Find Rest and Relaxation with Massages, Spa Treatments, and More 

Because you’re already stressed enough, you don’t need a wimpy package that covers a short list of features while costing a fortune, so when you learn how much this rest and relaxation package offers, you’ll be delighted. Treat yourself to Sunset Caribe’s rest and relaxation package for a starting price of US $ 2109 for two people in a Cabana Loft Unit.

Not only will you love spending four nights at this elegant property, but this package includes round-trip municipal flights, shuttles, welcome drinks, and a welcome basket with wine. Plus, you’ll both enjoy continental breakfasts

When you arrive at the spa for your wellness treatments, prepare for a relaxing 60-minute Swedish massage. Then, get to enjoy mani/pedi services as well as a body treatment. 

It’s a package designed to relax both your body and state of mind. Best of all, you will have treated yourselves to an escape at a price that won’t require you to face endless credit card bills after your return. Is this place heaven? You decide! 

Photos courtesy of Sunset Caribe Belize / Caribeville. 

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