How to Spend a Day in Belize City with Travellers Liquors

by Giulissa Hernandez

Belize City is a delightful mix of history, Caribbean charm, and one-of-a-kind experiences. For travelers seeking a memorable day in this bustling city,  immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring it with Travellers Liquors. Learn the art of balancing flavors and crafting delicious beverages that capture the essence of Belize. Raise a glass and toast to the flavors and traditions of Belize City with some finely aged rum! Here’s how you can make the most out of your day in the heart of Belize with the companionship of Travellers Liquors. 

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

Drop By The Travellers Liquors Heritage Museum

Not many visitors are familiar with the fact that Belize has a liquor heritage museum. Right off the Phillip Goldson Highway sits this rum museum that holds within it the history of Travellers Liquors from the very beginning. Travellers Liquors has been producing world-class rums and spirits since 1953, and this is your chance to witness their time-honored craftsmanship firsthand. Learn about the traditional methods of rum production, from fermentation to distillation and aging. Right inside the home of the ever-popular One Barrel Rum, you’ll observe the entire process used to create this rich and tasty drink. 


Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

After learning about the history, participate in a rum-tasting session. Let yourself be guided by expert staff who will introduce you to the nuances and complexities of their award-winning spirits. Sample a range of rums, from smooth and mellow aged varieties to spiced and flavored expressions that burst with tropical flavors. Take note of the distinct aromas and flavors that each rum possesses– and discover which one is your favorite! Additionally, you’ll also learn some tips on creating some beloved Belizean cocktails. With the opportunity to buy some vintage rum, take a bottle back home and showcase your amateur bartender skills to family and friends.

Set Your Sights on Old Belize 

Next, head on over to the picturesque Kukumba Beach. This beach at Old Belize is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Enjoy sipping on an array of Travellers Liquors cocktails from the Wata Hole bar.  Relax under a mini-palapa or even venture out and take a refreshing dip into cool waters. While you learned all about the liquors at the museum, here you’ll have the opportunity to taste them in a blend of amazing flavors. At Kukumba Beach, Travellers’ Baron Gin is the highlight of two signature cocktails. 

Paying homage to the beach, the Kukumba Koolah is an enticing fusion of diced cucumbers, soda water, and baron gin with a squeeze of lime. It’s perfect for a day of cooling off in the shade and lounging on the beachside. The crispness of the cucumbers with the smoothness of the gin work as a pair to relieve the summer heat.

The Baron Fizz, on the other hand, mixes the Travellers’ Baron Gin with Blue Curaçao and Sprite. With each liquor complementing the other, this cocktail goes down easy. It boasts minimal ingredients with the ultimate combination of flavors. Travellers Liquors certainly captures an unforgettable side of Belize’s vibrant spirit.  

Photos courtesy of Travellers Liquors

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