The Best Things To Do in Belize with Kids 

by Gisselle Hernandez

After a year and a half of being cooped up indoors, it’s no secret the little ones need a break (well, we all do.) With family vacations sorely missed, an attempt to flee the four walls that encompassed your quaran-team can quickly turn desperate. From last-minute flight bookings to sold-out amusement park tickets, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding where you should go for your first family vacay post-Covid. Belize currently boasts the World Travel & Tourism Council’s seal of safety, and with a plethora of kid-friendly activities available, it makes a perfect contender for a 2021 summer trip. 

Chocolate making

Do you know the exact process of making chocolate from start to finish? It is as fun as you think it is. Book a chocolate-making tour in San Ignacio and have your children learn just where exactly their favorite treat comes from. A highly interactive experience, this Belize tour allows your kids to help out in the grinding of cocoa beans until it turns into the buttery deliciousness before becoming the chocolate we all know.

Butterfly Farm

A Blue Morpho delicately resting on your little kid’s shoulder, his delighted squeal sending the colorful butterfly flitting away, but not before you snapped that Facebook-worthy photo for your Belize album! This is the experience of Chaa Creek’s butterfly farm in San Ignacio. Here, your children will be able to learn about the different species, all while seeing the butterflies swarm the exhibit in a flash of iridescent shrouding.

Iguana Encounter

Once again at San Ignacio (what doesn’t this town have?), your family can visit the Green Iguana Conservation Project at the famed San Ignacio Resort Hotel. In another highly interactive exhibit, children have the chance to hold the various green iguanas as a guide explains the center’s rehabilitation practices. The best part of the tour? Sometimes there are tons of tiny, newborn green iguanas scurrying about, and they do make the cutest hair accessories if you don’t catch them soon enough. 

Seahorse spotting

Caye Caulker should be on your list for umpteen reasons, but children especially are drawn in by the seahorse “hotel” on the lagoon side of the island. Located right on the shore of Iguana Reef Inn, this small yet protected area often contains small bobbing seahorses. Anyone with a keen eye – and some helpful pointing – can make out the adorable, curled critters wrapped around the ropes near the dock. Excited whispers are the only giveaway when wondering if anyone has spotted them. Bonus: stay near sunset to see a fever of stingrays swim near the shore as they compete with nurse sharks for some grub. 

The Belize Zoo


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The Belize Zoo is a must at this point for those with young kids. With tapirs, giant birds, crocodiles, and Belize’s five big cats, it’s almost impossible not to stop on the way to Western Belize. An easily accessible and down-to-earth establishment, the zoo is the pride and joy of the small country. Housing rescued and rehabilitated wildlife, the zoo is a great example for kids to learn the importance of wildlife conservation, all while having fun. Plus who doesn’t want a tapir plushie as a souvenir? 

Header image courtesy of Slick Rock Adventures.

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