The San Ignacio Resort Hotel: For An Authentic Belize Getaway

by Larry Waight

Chelsea Stuart’s essay about why she avoids beaches includes solid reasons for those who share her perspective. She dislikes the sand and the sunburn threat, and she adds that “Crowds are infuriatingly unavoidable.” These few reasons keep this Jetsetter magazine contributor far from shores, and if you feel the same, Belize might, at first glance, not be at the top of your list of places to visit this summer. But perhaps the time has come to clear up the “rumor” that Belize travel begins and ends at the Caribbean shoreline! The fact is, Belize is awash in lush jungles, fragrant pine forests, and around 900 Maya temples. It’s a cultural treasure – which is why travelers keep returning more often than you may imagine.

Xunantunich Archaeological Site. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

Where do Belize aficionados stay? At an elegant, family-owned resort often described as both regal and romantic by frequent guests. Enter San Ignacio Resort Hotel: where exceptional personal service and lush accommodations are simply business as usual!

An Inland Stay Made Easy

At this Cayo, Belize resort, an array of all-inclusive packages will make your inland vacation effortless. Customized packages are ideal, whether you’re making it a short stay or a long one. Eliminate any vacation planning or decision-making and set your sights on completely relaxing.  Accommodations at “the only jungle in town” are anything but primitive and even the most affordable digs are luxurious.

Gourmet meals are included with packages. Guests rave about the quality of food served at The Running W Restaurant. Here, jungle views, farm fresh meats, organic produce, and highly-trained chefs combine to create delectable meals.

See the Authentic Side of Belize

All Spice Tea Tasting at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel sits hugging lush jungle and perched above Belize’s eco-tourism central. With the resort as your base, enjoy having access to countless authentic Belize adventures. Meander down a river with some cave tubing. Enjoy birding or nighttime jungle walks. Explore Cayo’s many archaeological wonders and Belize’s cultural diversity. All this and more await both on and off-site.

For those who are happy to send their travel partners off on adventures while they stick around to enjoy the onsite resort experiences, there is no shortage of fascinating activities. Among them are a medicinal tea-tasting tour, a copal cleansing experience, a Maya fish cooking lesson, and even a Critters of the Night walk.

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Of course, be sure to visit the most compelling onsite attraction of all. San Ignacio Resort’s Green Iguana Conservation Project has been named San Ignacio’s #1 tourist attraction for too many years to count.

What else should you know about this modern-day Garden of Eden? We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises that await your stay, but rest assured you’ll return from your visit saying, “Who needs beaches when Belize jungles are this fascinating?”

Book your stay, and take advantage of vacation specials, here.

Photos courtesy of San Ignacio Resort Hotel unless captioned otherwise. 

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