The Ultimate Jungle Experience: Belize’s Magical Chan Chich Lodge

by Larry Waight

Whether you believe that every detail in the Old Testament about Adam and Eve’s beginnings in the Garden of Eden was real—or you take a scientific approach to man’s early existence that suggests our planet was once entirely covered by plants, trees and flowers before people walked the earth, you can rely upon the work of botanists and behaviorists who are proving every day that nature does more than delight our senses and engage our imaginations.

Jungles are remarkable environments that invite humans to be fully present within these wonderlands of green majesty. And according to Dr. Marlynn Wei for Psychology Today magazine, if you spend enough time hanging out in them, you can count on some health benefits, too. The perks you derive from a forested environment transcend the ordinary.

Dr. Wei compares a jungle stay to a forest bathing experience. Researchers in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that just 15 minutes spent in a leafy glade can impact the brain and body in multiple healthy ways.

That’s right. Just 15 minutes can trigger healthy transitions. Can you imagine, then, what an extended stay at a jungle resort could do for you, your attitude, and your peace of mind?

Experience the Benefits of “Jungle Therapy”:

  • Your time in a jungle can reduce anxiety and diminish negative feelings.
  • It takes little time walking on a jungle floor to mediate anger and vanquish fatigue.
  • Even folks suffering from severe depression report having mood lifts.
  • Jungle visitors have a clearer view of what’s important and fewer bouts of confusion.
  • A higher state of relaxation originating in the nervous system kicks in in minutes.
  • Mindfulness is easier to achieve when wandering amid plants, trees, and bushes.
  • Being cocooned in a world of green boosts the body’s antioxidants to healthy levels.
  • Immune systems are strengthened so much, protective benefits last more than a month.

All This and an Idyllic Vacation Too?

It’s no secret that Belize has become the go-to destination for travelers seeking to commune with Mother Nature. And you certainly won’t have trouble finding lush environs. Subtropical jungle and rainforest cover more than half of the nation’s landmass.

A short flight from North American ports will quickly get you to this contemporary Eden. Frequent visitors insist that their blood pressure drops the moment they hear the landing gear come down.

A mission to embed oneself in the rainforest is best achieved by sojourning at an authentic property reminiscent of the raw jungle that sprawled across the planet before man started clearing them to make way for concrete jungles. And that doesn’t get any easier than with a sojourn at Chan Chich Lodge where you’ll feel transformed upon arrival.

Jungle luxury isn’t an oxymoron. Thatched roof accommodations are charming on the outside and lush on the inside. If you choose the resort’s Discovery Package, you’ll put yourself into the welcoming hands of staff who will make sure every aspect of your sojourn—digs, meals, select tours and more—is taken care of.

More expansive packages are described on the resort’s website, so if you’d like an extended jungle stay, find options here:

It’s One Thing to Read About Paradise…

…it’s another to imagine yourself reaping the benefits of a jungle stay once you’ve chosen Chan Chich Lodge as the place you’ll rediscover yourself. Or, perhaps you’re hoping to enjoy the intimacy of a private stay with someone who is equally in need of an all-natural re-set. Regardless, have it delivered to you by a resort team who understands your desire to wind down and relax.

This jungle has the power to re-align your spirit. Your job? Surrender to the sweet air, intriguing noises, and green world embracing you. Skeptics requiring more incentive can view this Chan Chich Lodge video for a taste of what to expect:

If you’re like most folks who long to escape today’s demanding pace, you’ll find something that may be so new, you might not recognize it. It’s called bliss, weary traveler!

Featured Photo courtesy of Chan Chich Lodge

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