Yoga in Belize

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How Belize has become a top destinationfor yoga enthusiasts

A yogi’s sun salutation mirrors the rising sun over the Belize City harbor. The seagulls call to each other as the fishing boats pass by and the day begins to warm as you start meditating on your mat. Whether you’re a newcomer to yoga or an experienced Yogi, Belize has become a mecca for the wellness-oriented. Further, it’s now a common luxury to practice Ashtanga overlooking theBelize City Harbor, in the lush rainforest among spectacular waterfalls, on the grounds of sacred Maya sites, or on solitary beaches at sunset.

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Where to do Yoga in Belize?

At establishments like Om Shanti Belize, that have pioneered the yoga and wellness community in Belize, you can enjoy a myriad of yoga and meditation classes. Attend workshops and training like Traditional Hatha, Ashtangaand Strong Core Flow to Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and even Pool Yoga, as well as mindfulness sessions and other meditation techniques.

Belize now boasts year-round yoga and wellness activities in the most beautiful natural settings. Activities from EmpoweringWomen’s Health Yoga Retreats that are all about embracing the feminine and connecting women to their bodies, toDetox Yoga Escapes. All which takes place in some of Belize’s remote locations, such as private islands or rainforest getaways. The opportunities to rest, rejuvenate and find your balance are plentiful.

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Belize Growing in Yoga

The Belizean yoga community is vibrant and flourishing. In fact, a yoga studio or class is in towns of every district.Belizean yoga teachers often offer free monthly classes to their community. This is to spread the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible. Similarly, there is even a Belizean non-profit organization called Rhythm of Change Belize (ROC). This organization shares the healing benefits of yoga and mindfulness throughout Belize to the most vulnerable and needy.

Furthermore, meet interesting people and share travel stories at the annual Belize International Yoga Festival. The festival is a family event designed to bring together the general public from Belize and around the world to enjoy soulful moments of wellness, healing, relaxation, and reflection. Also, International presenters from around the world travel to donate their time and share their passion with festival-goers.

Thus, retreat to serenity by doing yoga in Belize. Whether it’s inland or out in the sea enjoy the surroundings as you take deep breaths. No matter the surroundings you choose; whether it be the grounding energy of the jungle or the cleansing properties of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll quickly feel the vibrant healing process of this free land.

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