This Belize Coconut and Lime Farm Could Be the Answer to Your Dreams

by Larry Waight

Considering packing it all up and moving abroad? You’re not alone. Today, record-breaking numbers of people, discontented with their way of life, have been considering moving abroad. And that’s in addition to those who have already relocated. Where are folks moving? The destination that seems to be the favorite of North Americans is Belize, and the reasons people give are as diverse as the country itself: from affordable property to fresh, organic produce being the norm. Everyone’s got their sights set on Belize.

Have A Dream of Moving to Belize and Owning a Farm?

Photo Credit: Vista Real Estate

Local realtor Vista Real Estate has just posted an income-producing 25-acre coconut and lime farm that features a hilltop homesite and two ponds. At US$250,000, this property is more than just a place to settle down and indulge your interest in farming. Plus, it’s easily accessed, sitting less than 1.5 miles off the George Price Highway near the capital city of Belmopan.

Photo Credit: Vista Real Estate

While 15 acres of the property are planted with groves of coconut and lime trees, it’s also the site of two manmade ponds, dug to provide crop irrigation. There’s also a small outbuilding at the property’s entrance that offers shelter for a caretaker or overnight security.

Photo Credit: Vista Real Estate

Whether your desire is to turn this Belize farm into an income producer now—or in the future—this property features a parcel of land on a hill that offers fabulous panoramas of mountains and Belmopan City. So, building a home here won’t take much work since the land is cleared and leveled and a road is in place.

Enjoy a Change of Pace in Belize

Photo Credit: Vista Real Estate

Living on a farm comes with perks that you may never have thought about. Raise livestock, harvest coconut and limes for your own use, or sell them at market. Control the number of chemicals you use to fertilize your crops and live amid the majesty of nature. And, if your main objective is to live off the grid and become self-reliant, everything about your move places you in a position to live the sustainable lifestyle you’ve been admiring. What are you waiting for? Make that big move you’ve been dreaming about. 

Photos by Vista Real Estate

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