How To Spend Three Fun Days in Punta Gorda, Belize  

by Larry Waight

Punta Gorda, also known as “PG” orPeini,” is the major town in the Toledo District of southern Belize. Even if you do not plan to spend time in Punta Gorda, it is a major hub for domestic flights and traffic to Belize’s many natural attractions and offshore cayes. Now if you are interested in seeing what the beautiful town of the Toledo District has to offer, keep reading for an unforgettable three-day weekend.

Day One: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Adventurer

  • Trek toward “Lubaantun.” With three ball courts and five main plazas, Lubaantun is the most expansive ancient Maya site in southern Belize. Every stone was purpose-shaped without mortar.
  • Break for lunch.
  • Head to Nim Li Punit, another ancient Maya settlement named after the longest (17-meters) of 25 stelae found there.
  • Have a delicious dinner, either wherever you happen to be staying or on the way back to your lodgings.
nim li punit

Day Two: R&R with Caves and Chocolate

  • Take a guided tour to Tiger Cave, near San Miguel. While most of the cave is dark, its vaulted ceiling allows shafts of light within. Tiger Cave is a half-day adventure that few people consider visiting.
  • Break for lunch without even thinking of dessert.
  • Take a chocolate tour. Southern Belize is known for cacao and there are several tours that walk you through the process of making chocolate from the source to its ultimate, delicious fate.
  • Have a sensible dinner, possibly accompanied with some chocolate from earlier.

Punta Gorda chocolate making

Day Three: Cool Off Before You Head Off

  • Bring a swimsuit, snorkel and picnic basket, and head to Rio Blanco National Park. Home to plenty of waterfalls, as well as a natural pool, this spot gives you plenty of time to relax, see gorgeous birds and even picnic.
  • Have a picnic lunch.
  • Pick one of the many amazing cayes, like Snake Cayes, and go snorkeling with marine creatures and few other people to bother you.
  • Finish your last day with a nice dinner and make peace with having to leave paradise as you pack up.

Punta Gorda may be near the bottom of the country but it should hardly be at the bottom of your vacation plans. There is plenty to do in the Toledo district if you know where to go. Hopefully, this three day weekend has given you some insight into what PG has to offer. 

punta gorda

Written by Larry Waight

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