Belize named in Top 5 Places to visit Post-COVID

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A global pandemic is something nobody could have predicted when the clock struck midnight, celebrating the start of 2020. In the early throes of the year when news reports of the virus were surfacing, individuals across the world could never have foreseen the state the world would be today, just six months later. Across the world, border closed almost immediately. Belize put immediate travel restrictions in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, quarantine measures were put in place and daily flights drastically reduced – resulting in travel plans being put on pause for the foreseeable future. But as the days go by, we continue to see the world slowly opening back up again. Domestically, Belize begins to ease restrictions to allow local travel in post-COVID lockdowns.

And while we may be able to travel again soon, it’s important to note that the travel industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Travel will without a doubt be different post-pandemic. Drastic measures will be put in place by airlines, hotels, tourism boards and all parties involved; ensuring that we can travel safely without worry of contacting the dreadful virus. So, what are some of the best destinations to visit post the COVID-19 pandemic? The Market Herald Magazine researched a few places to visit post-COVID, including Belize in its top five.

Why you should visit Belize, post-lockdown

The Australian Market Herald Magazine goes on to praise Belize’s quick response to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Thanks to a pioneering in-house tracking, tracing, and reporting platform and swift government response to the outbreak when the country recorded 18 cases.”

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