Condé Nast Traveller lists Belize as “The Right Destination”

by Carolee Chanona

Once travel re-opens, it’s hard to imagine what that may look like. But one thing is for sure – things are going to be different. And those differences are, in many ways, going to be good. After so long at home, this is an opportunity to rejoin the world with a gentler approach, to be more compassionate and holistic in our outlook and to align the way we travel with the efforts we make to live sustainably, healthily and thoughtfully at home. And we’re here to help kickstart the journey. So when you do start preparing for your next trip, here’s 4 reasons why Belize is “the right destination” post-pandemic, by Condé Nast Traveller.


With wellbeing and care as motivation, destinations at the forefront of reducing their carbon footprints will likely be the ones best placed to adapt to a new kind of travel. And, to offer real opportunities for holidays without harm. Working out how to straddle the needs of nature, local business and travellers is not without challenges! So travellers to destinations like Copenhagen (which has already developed huge outdoor opportunities that allow for individual space and exercise as well as innovative eco management) or Belize (which has some of the world’s most authentic eco hotels) is a good way to to begin your travel-better planning.


As people move around the planet less and become more selective with their movement, a silver lining awaits. Specifically, post-pandemic travel means over-tourism will become less of an issue. Half of Belize is covered by dense jungle, and 80 percent of its rainforest remains under government protection. Destinations that follow a lower-impact model and invested in their natural habitats are pros when it comes to low-volume tourism, so they’re good choices if you’re looking to escape the crowds. In Belize, seek out the more rural places to find solitude and a sense of calm. With 8,800 square miles of land, this gives Belize a population density of just 37 people per square mile. This is the lowest density in Latin America, and one of the lowest in the world.

Ka'ana, © Martin Morell
El Secreto, © Martin Morrell


Too often, relationships between tourists and locals are transactional and imbalanced. But the simple fact is that we need each other. This new world order provides an opportunity to develop more mutually beneficial relationships and a more symbiotic sharing of money, skills, local knowledge and experiences, which will leave us all enriched rather than depleted by tourism. Condé Nast Traveller encourages local connections to be a better traveller.


When travel is focused on forging new connections, it makes sense to travel with a sense of community in mind. Essentially, that the best places to stay are smaller, locally owned and community based. Properties that form a vital part of a local ecosystem tend to also operate more thoughtfully when it comes to the environment too. Authenticity is easy to spot – hotels that speak warmly about their staff, like eco-resort Chaa Creek, or their strong community involvement, like Ambergris Caye’s The Phoenix. These hotels have something especially valuable to offer guests.

Read Condé Nast Traveller’s full article on how to be a better traveller in a post-lockdown world below, including a Belize feature:

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