Why Belize is the Best Destination after COVID-19 

by Larry Waight

The year 2020 has been devastating for the travel industry, due to COVID-19. No one could have predicted this global pandemic that has caused such havoc. Because of the virus, borders were closed and many countries instituted lockdowns and travel bans. Now, finally, some of these restrictions are being lifted.

Cautiously, various countries are opening themselves up to visitors. Last weekend the Acropolis opened again; other tourist attractions are planning to follow suit over the next few weeks. However, travelers might find themselves hesitant to visit. While the prospect of traveling again is wonderful, not every place is safe.   

Yes, the travel industry has revamped its procedures. Airlines, hotels and tour agencies are instituting new safety measures. The flow of people will be calibrated to allow for social distancing, for example, and new sanitation systems are being enforced. Yet, no matter how diligent the travel industry is, tourists know that when they visit a country that was an epicenter for COVID-19, there will be risk.  

How Belize responded

This is what makes Belize so special. While it’s a small Central American country, it’s response to the pandemic was huge. The government took swift and effective action against the virus from the very beginning. A pioneering system was set up to track, trace and report cases. Officials used this information to move quickly against infection. 

Thanks to these valiant efforts by its officials and citizens, Belize was considered free of COVID-19 until June 5, when a new case was detected after 53 days. Throughout the pandemic, Belize has recorded 19 cases, and 2 deaths. Authorities are dealing with this new case with the same urgency they’ve dealt with past ones, and the country hopes to be completely recovered once again.

What does this mean for hopeful travelers?

It means that, once COVID-19 is contained, all the wonders of a Belize vacation will be available to you. 

It means you can go scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole or snorkeling in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. You’ll be able to taste delicious street food at the local farmer’s markets. Or, go for a zipline tour of the rainforest. Or simply lounge on soft sandy beaches. Since Belize is only a short plane ride from the United States and Canada, it’s easy to plan a stress-free tropical getaway once safe.

Because the country relies so heavily on tourists for its income, Belize has also taken safety seriously.  

Hotels, restaurants, bars and other venues will have redesigned their procedures. If you have any questions, you can call before you book. Since English is the official language, it’s easy to make sure you’re completely comfortable about your trip. However, the best peace of mind will come from knowing that the country is free of COVID-19; so you can chill which is what a Belize vacation is all about. 

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