Travellers Liquors celebrates Founder’s Birthday with Vintage Rum

by McNab Editorial Team
Don Omario

 During the 1950’s in Belize, sugar was king and everyone with a plantation was rolling in money and making his own rum – or so it seemed.​ In 1953, Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr., a man from very humble beginnings, began a venture by opening a bar in Belize City which he called Travellers. It was a logical name since most of his clientele were traveling either in or out of the city.​ In June, the company celebrates the birthday of Don Omario and his Vintage Rum! 

Don Omario

During the 70’s, Don Omario’s sons –  Romel and Mayito – joined him in the family business once they became of age. Their enthusiasm and youthful energy translated into a tremendous growth spurt for the company. In 1983, Don Omario decided to register Travellers as a limited company, naming his children as shareholders. When Mr. Espat decided to relinquish his interests in the distillery in 1989, Travellers bought his share of the company, gaining for the first time full control over all aspects of production.Travellers RumSince then, the distillery has been upgraded to enhance the quality of the spirits manufactured.  The use of innovativetechniques and new technologies assures the production of the finest rum available today.  The ageing and bottling plant infrastructure has also been upgraded to meet strict export standards. Travellers now exports to Europe, Canada and the United States.

With creativity and foresight, Don Omario singled-handedly built the award winning Travellers Liquors Ltd. Today, Travellers remains as a true legacy for the family business, and for Belize. The Perdomo family continues to ensure the Travellers tradition grows and the family legacy lives on.

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